The Heathen – 1.24.22

Do you remember playing Show and Tell in school when you were just a lil’ munchkin? It’s a game where everyone brings something they love to class and shares it as a surprise. Well…

Show and tell mania

When I was in 3rd grade, I stuffed my weenie dog Dexter into my backpack and took him to school for Show and Tell. My parents had no idea. 

All the kids in my class shared their “surprises.” Then it was my turn.  

As soon as Dexter busted out of the backpack, he took a massive shotgun dump all over the floor. Then, one girl saw the poo and started puking. Another boy saw her puke and also puked. My teacher was screaming. She had one of those 80s perms.

I still remember the smell, the panic, the confusion—the excitement.

show and tell - the heathen -

doodle by @thingsintedshead

That which you show and tell creates your reality

Everything we do affects our environment in both good and bad ways, creating the reality that we live within.

I loved the excitement in watching the mayhem unfold when the Dex-monster started launching his brownie missiles, but I sure didn’t love it so much once my parents found out…

My booty was toast. My classmates had show and tell PTSD for the rest of their days and refused to play with me. 

What are you showing and telling to the world?

The energy you pour into the world fills your own cup, too. 

The thoughts, ideas, and actions that you show and tell are shaping your environment, surroundings, and reality in real time. 

What are you showing and telling to the world?

Do good to feel good

When you spread positive vibes, you grow positive vines that create a web of abundance around you.

Doing good within the world is what will make you feel good. 

When you feel good, you are accomplishing the feeling of abundance. It has nothing to do with hustle, getting lucky, or valuing hard work over play. 

Abundance is simply the Universe’s response to consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance. 

Creative maniac quote & idea for you

“I want nothing. The purpose of my being is to serve others.”  – Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji

Miracle of Love, a book compiled by Ram Dass, is full of stories about Neem Karoli Baba. Through these stories, I’ve learned that “being of service” doesn’t mean you have to labor and submit your energy to others, or buy fancy gifts and give them away, or drain yourself trying to please everyone else. 

Being of service is simply helping others remember to laugh, love, dance, play, and feel good. We all forget. We all need reminders. 

Remind someone you fancy to play today. Lead by example and show the way.

Thanks for reading “The Heathen.”


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