The Heathen – 1.10.22

Have you given yourself a kiss in the mirror today?— at least once—or twice, or maybe 69 times?

It’s not too late.

Self-love is the medicine that heals fear.

There is something powerful lurking within you

That “powerful something” is your inner creative maniac—the one that you have been terrified to let out and play. Power is scary.

By not expressing yourself physically, emotionally, or creatively…you are allowing energy to build up inside of your body and create blockages, fuckery, and even physical pain.

Energy wants to flow and transform. All creations are energy. You are the artist and gatekeeper.

What if you grant yourself permission to leap into the wild and mysterious creative rampages that await you?

What if you do this through self-love?

Self-love *destroys blockages* // You *discover your power*

When you love yourself, the blockage gremlins cower and run for their lives.

Your inner creative maniac begins to 360-slam-dunk on your “fear” from all directions using the superpowers that have been hibernating within your sexy mind, heart, body, gut, and private party parts.

You *unleash a fury of imagination and action*

As you begin to trust your inner child and powers again, your imagination will explode and weird things will probably happen.

You may find yourself sitting on your fear’s face like a world champion sumo wrestler instead of letting it suffocate your visions and dreams by sitting on yours.

You deserve to taste the rainbow elixirs of pure truth, creativity, and serenity— not fear-based sumo ass.

A simple reminder

This is a simple reminder to show up for your Muse.

The Muse is always present and waiting for you to show up as the creative savage that you are, raw and ready to fuck things up 1,000 times until one day: BOOM! You realize that each fuck-up was perfect from the start.

Are you acknowledging the possibility?

What if you let go of all expectations and simply allow yourself to be creative and play?

What if you kiss the mirror?

It’s never about the destination. It’s always about experiencing the journey.

You *create* and the trumpets *sound*

When you create: The trumpets sound. The confetti explodes. The cosmos of love blows a kiss.

Pick up that fucking pencil and scribble some madness onto something…anything.

Idea for you

We all die. Find ways to feel good about who you are and how you live. Eliminate all else.

It may help to create a list of what excites you and makes you feel good. Sometimes this is easiest by first making a list about what makes you feel bad and doesn’t excite you—then pair the opposites.

Play with your ideas. How can you surround yourself with more good stuff and eliminate the bad? Living within the good stuff makes it easier to love yourself.

Quote from another

“How good are you willing to let it get?” – Sarah Seidelmann

Sarah is a warm and mind-bending friend of mine— a total wizard of words and creativity. She has an epic animal spirit book called The Book of Beasties that I use almost daily.


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