Heath Armstrong in 3.33 minutes

This is me in 3rd grade when I snuck my Weiner dog, Dexter, into my class for “show-n-tell” via my backpack without my parents knowing. As soon as he got out of the backpack, he pooped all over the classroom floor, causing a chain reaction of children to vomit. That's how I learned that mystery can be surprisingly exciting.

Heath-Armstrong - Third Grade - HeathArmstrong.com


This is me smoking a pipe at 7:45 am after walking around my neighborhood in a robe, drinking scotch, wondering how I ended up in mass debt—working a factory job that made me miserable (concrete construction)—to make money I thought I neededso I could buy things I didn't need—to impress people I certainly didn't like. I was about 24 years old.

A few months later, I would wake up face-down-pants-down on my garage floor, car parked in the middle of the front yard (engine running), with dried blood all over my face from a nose bleed, and an empty bottle of whiskey near my hand. I had no recollection of the previous 24 hours.

Heath Armstrong - Pipe - HeathArmstrong.com

Gold Teeth Heath

I knew if I didn't change my ways, I would suffer and die. I didn't know how to change though. I continued to honor my belligerence while attempting to create a gangster rap career for the next three years. I went by “Gold Teeth Heath.”

It didn't quite work out, but other cool things did.

Heath Armstrong - Rap Career HeathArmstrong.com

Create or Die

On Feb 13, 2014, I hit my breaking point. I was dying from being addicted to a bunch of substances to numb myself of my reality— a reality in which I wasn't exploring my highest curiosity, health, and creativity. I was ready to make changes for good in an attempt to save my life.

With the help of a few magical strangers, I started interviewing 100+ creative entrepreneurs around the world, and it scared the shit out of me. It was called the Artsy Now project.

I studied the overlapping habits and practices among their success, and I implemented them into my life. I began to feel mass changes within my mindset, health, and energy.

I then put all of the habits and practices into a journaling system called The Sweet-Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days and I shared the system with the world.


After I started interviewing people, things got weird. I:

  • Paid off all my debt
  • Failed to start several businesses
  • Freaked out and sold everything I owned
  • Sold one item online and got madly inspired
  • Quit my job and moved across the country
  • Turned that one item into $1k rev, then $10k, then $100k, then $1mil+
  • Lost my business, grandfather, and dog on the same day
  • Had complete melt-down and considered drinking heavily again
  • Started seeking answers through travel and mystery instead
  • Created the first Sweet-Ass Affirmations Deck
  • Started the Never Stop Peaking Podcast
  • Built out a sprinter van and moved into it, going full nomad
  • Created other new businesses, like Rage Create, FbaLeadList, and Seller Spaceship
  • Launched the Sweet-Ass Power Affirmations Podcast
  • And recently raised $160k+ on Kickstarter for the Sweet-Ass Affirmations 2 Deck

The only thing I know is that I know nothing.

Heath in 33.33 Minutes

I wrote intensely about my transformational experience in 2017 here, if you wish to learn more about my journey and what helped me. Of course, so much has changed, but it can be “helpful?” to step into the portal of my mind as I navigated that heavy, transformational part of my life.

Heath Armstrong - HeathArmstrong.com

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