The Heathen – 3.7.22

Have you ever laughed so hard that you accidentally ripped a monster fart in front of other people… and then laughed even harder because of the sheer awkwardness of the situation?

What about laughing so hard that you gushed some pee through your undies and pants?

Remember that feeling of wild, uncontrollable joy?

The tickle monster is an angel of abundance

Uncontrollable laughter actually raises your vibrational state. It removes the space between you and your happiness. It feels good.

Laughter is an emotional manifestation of abundance, just like tears of joy, gratitude, orgasms, and love. The tickle monster is an angel of abundance.

When was the last time you laughed hard enough to pee your pants? When was the last time you helped someone else rediscover their giggles?

Peeing your pants is cool

Gremlins want you to pee your pants out of fear (not cool). They don’t want you to know the power of peeing your pants through joy and laughter (super cool).

They want you to react and have meltdowns. They want you to be the victim.

You are not the victim. You are a kickass starlight fairy giggling symphonies of love and abundance throughout the galaxy. No matter how hard it gets or how much pain you feel— you are fundamentally a child of love and light. You deserve laughter, joy, and fuzzy love.

When all feels dark, what if you respond with peace and ease instead of reacting by feeding chaos and disease?

It's not about your beauty and bullshit

Life isn’t about what ‘happens’ to you. It’s not about the beauty that happens to you, and it’s certainly not about the bullshit that happens to you.

Life is about how you choose to respond (not react) when it happens.

A response is rooted in awareness. It supports growth toward the highest version of yourself. A reaction is an ignorant trigger that usually just feeds ongoing negativity.

What if you respond to the hard stuff in life in ways that support elevated health, happiness, and play?

What if every time you feel shitty or off you simply respond with ways that make you feel good?

Oh baby it feels sooo good

A few powerful and abundantly available ways to feel truly great are:

Sweating, real food, sunlight, forest bathing, saltwater, hot/cold baths and plunges, sex, flowers, drinking clean water, earthing, meditation, good sleep, fasting, playing, creating, exercising, dancing, meeting new friends, and laughing.

Be a contagious fireball of laughter

You have the power to pull yourself out of any funk by leading yourself into a self-contagious laugh. (see idea below)

When you start laughing more, the light-hearted energy transfers to those around you and increases the beauty of their moods, too. Each day, if you can make one person smile— or laugh so hard that they tinkle in their undies— your day is not wasted.

Creative maniac quote & idea for you

“Totalitarian systems are notably devoid of humor at every level. Laughter, which brings acceptance and freedom, is a threat to their rule through force and intimidation. It is hard to oppress people who have a good sense of humor. Beware the humorless, whether in a person, institution, or belief system; it is always accompanied by an impulse to control and dominate, even if its proclaimed objective is to create prosperity or peace.” -David Hawkins, Power vs. Force

Today, stand up with your hands on your hips and force yourself to start laughing. It will feel awkward because maybe you don’t feel happy and nothing seems funny. However, the obnoxious fake laugh will domino into a rampage of contagious real laughs. You won’t be able to stop. It is hilarious. Do it. Keep doing it.

Do it until you accidentally fart and someone else hears it. Laughing is how we save the world.


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