The Heathen – 2.28.22

What is the probability of you existing? You’re about to find out.

“There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of Earth.” – Carl Sagan

Some smart people with baller computers (led by Dr. Jason Marshall) estimate more stars are visible from Earth with super telescopes than there are grains of sand on the Earth. Wowzers.

Our own Milky Way galaxy has approximately 100 to 400 billion stars visible alone.

In 2016, researchers predicted that there are likely to be more than 2 trillion galaxies in the “observable” universe after studying new images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Of course, there are no telescopes that can observe the entire universe, so this number could be infinite.

200 trillion galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars each….

Are you getting hot and bothered yet?

You are probably a miracle, or god, or fairy, or all of the above

Another smart baller, Dr. Ali Binazir, estimates that your existence is “the probability of 2 million people getting together each to play a game of dice with a trillion-sided dice. They each roll the die, and they all come up with the same number.” For example, 444,444,444,444.

This is a probability of 1 in 102,685,000 — in comparison to the probability of known atoms in the universe at 1080.

You are supernatural.

Cupid isn't stupid

There were around 180 million semen warriors that started the mighty race for reproduction when Cupid launched his love arrow at your parents. These warriors swarmed through crowded villages, mazed through tunnels, and battled through the great protectors in the Queen’s ovary palace.

For the few that made it through the marathon and past the guards, it took teamwork to break down the fortress that protected the shining egg of life.  Only one victor slipped through the crack first and fertilized the egg. This hybrid life force became YOU.

Next time you are questioning your powers, remember that you are the prize of Mother Nature’s most impossible race. You are a superpower combination of the fiercest marathon warrior and the rarest egg of life.

Cupid isn’t stupid. Homeboy knew the world needed you.

What if you relax?

Since you’ve already accomplished the impossible, what if you allow yourself to relax?

How will it feel when you give yourself permission to play, remove expectation, and lean into peace?

You are pulsating with unconditional love and support from the universe. Will you allow visions of exploration, creativity, and adventures to flood your brain and heart? Will you taste the mountain rivers, smell the wildflowers, and re-discover what it’s like to be wild, raw, and gritty.

I’m here with you. There are lots of us.

Even if shit hits the fan and we end up without money, materials, or a badge of “success” from the world of conformity and rules… our spirits will still be laughing, dancing around the fire, looking up at the stars, and singing songs of joy and divinity.

We came. We saw. We said fuck it. We truly lived.

It is my honor to walk this path next to you.

Lovers - probability of you -

doodle by @thingsintedshead

Creative maniac quote & idea for you

“The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless. No one is more dangerously insane than one who is sane all the time.” – Alan Watts

Today, take a moment to step outside of your normal routines and habits and do something backwards, insane, or wild. Perhaps go wash in a creek, or paint your body and dance around a candle, or write/draw/paint your visions onto something beautiful. Lean into it with love and compassion. When you allow yourself permission to relax and play, you teach others how to do the same.

Our world needs it.


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To read Dr. Binazir’s full calculation on the probability of your life, click here. It’s awesome.

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