The Heathen – 2.21.22

Tomorrow is 2.22.22. Are you ready to open the portal?

The monsters are mad

Outside of our Earth’s own volcanos, quakes, tornados, tsunamis, wars, wildfires, hurricanes, and Walmarts, there are other forces of mass destruction lurking on much larger scales within the Universe.

Asteroids and meteoroids whiz by our planet every year at alarmingly close distances, including the 2012 TC4 that missed by only 27,000 miles (about one-eighth the distance from Earth to the moon.)

The Tunguska event in 1908 is the largest impact event in modern history, completely decimating over 830 square miles of forest in rural Russia. In 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere, creating a large shock wave equivalent to 33 times the energetic force of the atomic bomb detonated at Hiroshima. Wowzers.

Don’t squeeze your butt-cheeks and get all sweaty yet. I’ve got good news.

Your light is winning

Scary forces aren’t the only almighty forces that lurk within our Universe.

What about love, guardian angels, light force, and life force?

I’m optimistic because we are here, now, playing in this world. Just as there are harsh forces existing to cripple and destroy, so too are there light forces existing to birth, nourish, and expand more light.

Your angels are protecting you

If you gaze at the stars, it may seem like darkness owns most of the sky. However, light exists everywhere, even in the space where it appears black. There just isn’t any matter in that space to reflect the light for you to see.

Your guardian angels are the same way. You may only see them when they reflect off objects like clocks, furry pets, magical people, and even your bathroom mirror.

Not only are your guardian angels with you, but they are also turbo-boosting your sweet cheeks with an infinite supply of love and protection.

Are you paying attention to their messages? Will you open the portal?

Slow down and center your awareness – 222

When I turned 33, I moved into apartment 66. My license plate had a 666 on it. My pup Sachi turned 3 on March third (3.3). The pub across from the apartment was called Pub 33. This was the year I learned to fully trust in the magic and wonders of synchronicity.

When you notice synchronistic numbers, like 222, your angels are asking you to slow down and center your awareness. By doing so, it becomes easier to weed through all the bullshit that may be clouding your head and instead focus on truth, intent, and love.

My partner always says: “In silence, we hear it. In stillness, we feel it.”

What are your angels asking you to hear and feel?

What have you been seeing? 

Angel numbers indicate something private that you must contemplate and navigate using your own intuition. To help you generate ideas, here is a numerology guide from some college kid who loves hitting bongs in his ninja turtle undies and has ‘tarot master’ on his Instagram profile. JK. This is my guide:

  • 111 – Angels are here with you, like literally sitting on your face. They are helping you manifest whatever you are currently thinking of. It’s a good opportunity to slow down and reframe your mind around positive momentum and outcome. One symbolizes the beginning of all cycles.
  • 222 – Duality and the polarity of positive and negative. Bring balance back to your moments. Reunite with your twin flame. Confirmation that you are on the light path.
  • 333 – What are you doubting that you need to work through? Is there a decision you need to make?
  • 444 – Your ancestors are with you. Slow down and pay respects to the journey, the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water, and the four cardinal directions. Spend some time at your alter in deep gratitude for those that walked the path before us.
  • 555 – Love your body. Take some time for self-love practices. Five represents the number of fingers and toes, the five senses, and the five stages of life. What have you mastered on your journey so far? What do you long to master next?
  • 666 – Paint sigils all over your body and go streaking in the suburbs. Honor your death and the wondrous meaning that it brings to life.
  • 777 – The good luck portal is open and ready for you to jam your private party parts all in and around the rim. You are universally supported and on a roll. Keep raging.
  • 888 – Infinity, abundance, and rebirth. What are you creating? What wants to be created?
  • 999 – High positivity, good fortune, and life force energy. Also represents a cycle of completion and the divine feminine energy.

Life is what you believe it is

The truth is: life is what you believe it is.

If you see an angel number (or any other symbol in life) and you also believe that it represents something good, then by the Law of Attraction you will attract something good. The more often you attract good things, the better your life becomes.

Choose to believe.

synchronicity - triple numbers -

doodle by @thingsintedshead

Creative maniac quote & ideas for you

“Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl Jung

Here are a few ideas for attracting happy and healthy vibes into your life:

  • If you see a triple number, slow down and take five deep breaths. Ask yourself “What is this angel trying to tell me?”
  • If you see your spirit animal (could be in dreams, waking life, books, symbols, etc), ask yourself “Have I unleashed my wild side today?” Use it as a reminder to move your body, let loose, and release some energy! Jump up and down 100 times, or do five pushups.
  • If you notice a yellow car, stop what you are doing and recite your goals and affirmations out loud. Who are you wanting to become in life? Speak it in the present tense.
  • If you hear birds chirping, call someone you love and let them know that you love them.

I hope these help you craft your own ideas.

Synchronistic numbers and symbols are simply reminders to reconnect with your awareness and your highest path. We become what we think about.

What have you been thinking about?


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