The Heathen – 10.10.22

Earlier this year, I stepped back from writing these posts to pin my awareness on creative projects that I think you will love. I always intend to share as my energy allows, and I’m really excited about the new books and card decks that are on the horizon. 

Here is a list of what is to come soon: (I’m not sure what order yet)

  • Sweet-Ass Affirmations 1 & 2 Coloring Books
  • Sweet-Ass Affirmations 3: Rhyming Affirmations for Your Creative Maniac Mind (Card Deck)
  • How to Grow Your Abundance Mojo: Simple and Playful Ways to Attract Abundance Every Day (Book)
  • Sweet-Ass Affirmations: Abundance for Your Creative Maniac Mind (Card Deck)

Win a magic bundle of decks & books

To kick things off, we are running a giveaway for 6 card decks (various authors), 2 books, and 1 mystery gift over at RageCreate.  This will include the VERY FIRST copy of the Sweet-Ass Affirmations Coloring Book pre-release with a personalized note from me. 

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You are everything you need to be without trying

Like all the buzz inside of the bees, all the leaves painting the trees, and all the salt holding the seas— you’re everything you need to be without trying. 

What if you just allow it all to happen? 

Your muse is a spiral of wisdom. You are a vortex of light. Together, you tether your creations to life. May your path be illuminated, and may you find your way home inside of yourself.

Thank you for being.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Being sometimes feels heavy. At the base of the Law of Attraction, you get what you think about. This simple (yet deep) law is a guiding light for life. 

Your feelings come in response to your focus. 

“Whenever you feel bad, you are in the process of attracting something that will not please you. Without exception, the reason for negative emotion is because you are focused upon something you do not want or upon the lack or absence of something you do want.”  Abraham Hicks

Your pain is an indicator to turn on your lights

I do not think life is about seeking light, but more so about remembering that we are light. There is no space between. You have an innate guidance system (your intuition) that notifies you anytime your lights start to dim. Whenever you feel a negative emotion, it is only your guidance system pointing out that you are on a path to attract more darkness or negative feelings. 

Your guidance system isn’t alerting you because it wants you to feel like shit— it’s alerting you because it wants you to make a change and turn the lights back on. It wants you to feel better so you can play, create, and bring your visions to life with ease. 

Flip the switch

The most simple and effective practice for flipping the switch is to visualize positive feelings and outcomes whenever you feel a negative emotion. This takes practice and is a life’s work, but it has immediate effects. This practice is detrimental to long-term happiness and health. 

By listening to your guidance system and identifying your negative feelings or lack mindset, you can reframe your emotions with a feel-good visualization and bring yourself back into alignment with your light. 

Pain is never easy, but in every moment that you think about something that feels good, you are stopping the pain from growing and instead feeding the feel-good. 

Remove the space between you and your happy place. Think of how it feels to be alive, thriving, and full of life-force energy. It is within you, not separate. 

Practice like your life depends on it.

Creative maniac quotes for you

“You are a light being. Per cubic centimeter, mitochondria that fill the cells of the human body produce about 10,000 times more light than the surface of the sun. We are 10,000 times more efficient at releasing that light than the sun is at producing that light energy. You are light energy— a star. So much of our reality is spent focusing outside of our light essence — on the ideas, beliefs, and thought patterns of the egoic world, preventing us from aligning our state of awareness and being with our light capacity. When we spend time in this state of light energy, we have the ability to shift our reality. It is a state of manifestation allowed by our willingness to receive. Let go of the mental constructs and beliefs for a moment, and shine. Learn to trust that state of being.” – Dr. Zach Bush

“Don't pray for rain. Pray rain. Remove the space.” – Tat Erick, Mayan Elder

Breathe easy. Feel the light. Do more of what's working. Highlight gratitude. Be of service. Hug your mom. Ride the momentum. Love easy. Love hard. Rest and play. Do the work. Be the first. Feed your heart. Go tell it on the mountain. 

Thank you for reading “The Heathen.”

Feel free to hit reply and share your creative maniac mind with me.

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