The Heathen – 2.7.22

I am currently sitting in the jungle of Mexico, mesmerized by the colors and sounds of the beauties and beasts that dance around me. 

Birdies. Scorpions. Iguanas. Jaguars. You.

Inside of you, there is beauty and the beast

Your beauty is hungry for compassion, peace, love, humility, creativity, moderation, and kindness.

Your beast is starving for jealousy, arrogance, ego, comparison, resistance, addiction, and greed. 

Feed your beauty, not your beast. 

Feeding your beauty fuels your life force energy

Life force energy (chi) is what distinguishes you from the dead. This life force energy is absorbed mainly through your breath (nostrils) and flows through thousands of energy channels (nadi) and your chakras (energy centers).

Life force energy feels incredible. It’s your light, your high-vibes, and your happy health. It fuels your creativity, exploration, and kundalini. 

When your life force energy is pumping, you become the best version of you— the version that is capable of manifesting your dreams.

How are you generating and spending your life force energy? 

4 questions for manifesting your highest good

Choices create space for hesitation and resistance gremlins to sneak in. If you remove choices from your life, you close the door on the beasts. 

Instead of making choices that allow room for error, use the questions below as parameters for moving forward. 

For everything that you are contemplating, ask yourself:

  1. Will this feed or destroy my life force energy?
  2. Am I excited about this?
  3. Does it support my short-term and long-term visions?
  4. What will be the fruit of this labor? Is it worth it?

If all of these answers are positive, then the pursuit you are considering will help manifest your highest good. If you answer no to any of these questions, bail immediately.

You no longer have to choose

Never again will you find yourself slamming booze with friends and pounding triple-bacon-cheeseburgers until you explosive #2 all over the back of your toilet seat because this activity will never pass your new parameters. 

The fastest path to manifesting your dreams is with actions that support your dreams. These questions will not only help you walk the path but become the path entirely. 

May the force be with you.

life force energy - - the heathen

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Creative maniac quote & idea for you

Each atomic particle of your being is suspended in space and is dancing around other atomic particles at a rapid rate. Becoming “lighter” is not a matter of being less heavy, but of actually assimilating more light into yourself. Through consistent breathing practices, meditation, and movement, you draw pure white light into your energy system—literally lighting up your chakras.”  – Christopher Kilham

Today, get out a large piece of paper or craft board and write these 4 questions in a colorful, artsy way on it. Hang this up somewhere in your dwelling (maybe bathroom mirror) so you will see it every day. Begin living within parameters that support your highest, wildest dreams. Start feeding your beauty and quit feeding your beast. Life force energy is inbound.

Thanks for reading “The Heathen.”


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