The Heathen – 1.17.22

This is about you.

You must destroy

This is your life. It can be anything you want it to be. Magic. Mystery. Chaos. Art.

But only if you create it and destroy all else.

The gremlins

There are gremlins in your life.

These gremlins exist to stop you from everything good. They are big, scary, hairy and ruthless. They eat your cookies and give you wedgies.

They manifest as resistance.

Inside of your mind

Resistance gremlins want you to believe that they live inside of your creative maniac mind. They don’t. They are elusive.

When they come to party in your brain, they show up as fear, anxiety, stress, procrastination, and hesitation.

They want you to think that you are the problem. You aren’t.

They are invaders. They are parasites. They feed off your life force energy.

You will stop them by

These gremlins can be stopped. They are weak. They are cowards.

You will stop them because you are stronger than them– because you are aware of their disguises.

They show up dressed in familiar costumes to try and fool you.

Facebook gremlins. Addiction gremlins. Smartphone gremlins. Traffic gremlins. Porn gremlins. Insecurity gremlins. Self-worth gremlins. Attachment gremlins. Fast food gremlins.

They have one mission: to stop you from creating.

Creating (like a maniac)

When you resist, you conform to the death of creativity— the death of yourself. When you create, you destroy resistance and its army of goons.

If you want a life of magic, mystery, chaos, and art… you must create it. Therefore, you must destroy resistance.

So… create like a fucking maniac. Burn the bridges that carry the army of gremlins into your mind.

No more hesitation. No more mindless scrolling. No more toxic people.

No more sacrificing your life force energy.

You are worth so much more.

Until the end of time

Luck is just the kinky love child of persistence meeting opportunity. When you persist, you fuck the gremlins hard. (Like 90's smut hard.)

So pound those gremlins and breed some luck. Create like your life depends on it.

It does.

doodle by Ted Stevens

Closing thoughts and *idea* for you

This past week I started a pottery class for the first time ever. It's crucial to keep expanding our minds and challenging our creative brains. I found myself deeply lost in the curiosity and excitement of the art— and I had no sense of time and space. There was nothing in my head about what I *should* be doing or the gremlins I *need* to be battling. My head was clear, focused, and direct.

What is something you love to do—that when you do it– you lose track of all time and space? Or what is something you are curious about that you haven’t tried yet?

Make time for it as soon as possible. Maybe today? Yea.

Creative maniac quote

“Each day, the professional understands, he will wake up facing the same demons, the same Resistance, the same self-sabotage, the same tendencies to shadow activities and amateurism that he has always faced. The difference is now he will not yield to those temptations.” – Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro

This post is heavily influenced by Pressfield. If you haven’t read his work, do it immediately.


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