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How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get? Exploring the Feel Good Life with Sarah Seidelmann

how good are you willing to let it get - sarah seidelmann -

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How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get

No matter what type of fear, procrastination, or resistance gremlins enter your life, there is always one thing you can control that will stop their invasion: your energy.   

Will you allow these negative forces to drain and taint your energy, or will you take control of your energy and use it to learn, reflect, and move closer to your visions?

Over many years, I have intermittently struggled with allowing myself to feel my happiest because of some sort of external factor that was bothering me. Sometimes this shows up in the form of depression, full-body inflammation, or a lack of self-worth and often leads to a downward spiral. Because of the negative experiences, I sometimes created imaginary limitations for myself in an attempt to establish protection from more bad experiences moving forward. I was removing parts of my life that brought me happiness and love because I was scared that something might go wrong and make me unhappy. I was settling for a middle ground of simply existing rather than experiencing. Does this seem familiar? 

You see, the security blanket is actually the problem in itself. We hold ourselves back from our dreams because we are afraid we will fall on our face. In other words, we aren’t allowing ourselves to reach our heightened states of mind, body, and spirit. We aren’t willing to let allow ourselves to blossom into the flowers we can be. We are sacrificing our lives to fear.   

So, How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get?

What happens if you let love in? What happens if you say yes to everything that excites you? What happens if you trust in your intuition? What happens if you release your fears and doubts? How will things change if you surrender, let go, and become one with your passions?  

“It is a mess out there, but sit up tall, smile, and laugh. That’s your work.”

Sarah Seidelmann

I first heard Sarah Seidelmann talk on a podcast she did with a mentor of mine, Jared Angaza, on “the wisdom of the wild things,” and I was immediately catapulted into a stronger, happier mindset. She’s one of those rare people that can change the way you look at life in its entirety with just a few words.   

how good are you willing to get it get -

Sarah spent two decades practicing medicine, specializing in surgical pathology, and raising her family. But something started shifting in her, drawing her into an exploration of deeper creativity, nature and intuition. She wanted to figure out what would make her FEEL GOOD all the time, and how she could apply her experiences to help others do the same. So, she took a six-month sabbatical from her job and started exploring.  

Well, when you follow your bliss, magical things start to happen. Sarah followed hers through shamanic journeying, animal totems, and an interesting meeting with one of her spirit guides, Alice the Elephant. 

To date, Sarah and Alice have co-authored multiple books, including their newest release, How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get? Daily FEELGOOD Inspiration for Creatives, Healers, and Helpers. (Secret**: She has a card deck coming soon too!)  

I’m ecstatic to have Sarah on this episode of Never Stop Peaking, as we explore universal synchronicity, spirit-animal guides, the magic of nature, shamanic journeying, life transformations, the creative process, and more

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Why it’s Important to Make Sweet Ass Love to Your Creative Rampages


Creating is sorta like making love. If you finish what you start, you may experience peace, satisfaction, relief, and tectonic-plate shifting orgasms.


interviewed Dr. Rob and Janell Alex one the Artsy Now Show one time, and Rob actually received his highest creative visualizations at the peak of his orgasms. That’s some boss sauce right there.


It got me thinking: You never know the magic of the journey until you reach the summit.


As long as you are going where you want to go, and the project is in line with your visions, it’s crucial to finish what you start. It may seem unattractive at points, but the end result will be orgasmic if you give it a few more solid thrusts.


I almost peed on The Sweet Ass Journal project and set it up in flames several times, and it has become the sexiest summit I’ve reached thus far. Had I of burned it, I’d probably still be walking around my neighborhood in Kentucky at 9 am with a glass of whiskey, a pipe, and a robe. But instead, I continued humping The Sweet Ass Journal (because it had a sweet ass), and now I’m in Oregon living my personal legend.


It’s always great to reflect on progress…


When you think of yourself and what you are working towards, do you always finish what you start?


Do you launch your creations? Be honest with yourself.


For about 10 years after college, I started about 2342348320 projects and rarely ever climaxed. Some stuff thrown at us during everyday life are huge cock-blocks, and I let a lot of that nastiness get in the way.


It’s easy to stop production when Mr and Mrs Comfort drop a treasure chest of attractive distractions in your lap. Tubs of ice cream. Gallons of bourbon. Basement raves with Donald Trump and baby-oil slip and slides. You have to be careful not to make sexy time with the wrong endeavors.


Sometimes resistance gremlins show up looking super fly in an attempt to flatter your weakness! These comforts are a desperate surge from conformity in disguise. They see you setting your visions and getting intimate with your creations, and it scares the fuck outa them. Think about the magic that is produced when you birth new ideas, concepts, and projects that are in line with your dreams. Not only does it pump up your creative energies, but it motivates those around you to follow their dreams too. Resistance Gremlins will do ANYTHING to stop your momentum because it has a domino effect on the rest of the creative world.  They will throw smut, toxins, fast-food, and political conversations at you in an attempt to derail your highest energies.


Bitch-slap those gremlins hoes, flip the rage create switch, and go for the big climax!  Never stop peaking!


Create. Make love. Feel alive. Be here now. Level up. Surge forward. Finish your businesssssss.


Honor your creative process no matter what forces interlude. If it’s part of your vision, hump it. If it’s not, dump it.


Can you feel that buddy?? Uh Uh Uh.


Nobody ever won freedom by taking the shiny bait.


A date with your dreams await. Get back to humping!




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