benefits of earthing - mineral cocktails - magnesium -

Biohacks for Creativity: The Benefits of Mineral Cocktails, Earthing, and Magnesium Intake

benefits of earthing - mineral cocktails - magnesium -

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How to Expand Your Creativity and Boost Your Energy with Clean Water, Mineral Cocktails, Earthing, and Magnesium

In this episode of Never Stop Peaking, I navigate a few key biohacks for increasing energy, health, and creativity.

Some of the topics in this episode are:

  1. The power of drinking more water and sourcing clean water.
  2. Benefits of mixing your own “mineral cocktails” throughout the day.
  3. The life-changing benefits of grounding yourself, or Earthing, while you are awake and sleeping.
  4. The importance of magnesium intake and how to prevent deficiency.

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