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Stacking Cash and “Things” Never Creates Long-term Happiness

As media and marketing flood our brains with the idea that success is defined by how much we earn, many of us rate our happiness based on the materialistic belongings and cheddar-cheese we stack up. As soon as we receive something, we immediately start craving more.

Why are we rarely content with what we already have?

Having a desire for more is a great characteristic when it comes to creativity and developing the self, but it can be a terrible characteristic in relation to stacking cheddar cheese and possessions if our money and materials aren't in alignment with our purpose or hero's journey.

If receiving and collecting isn't the answer to happiness, then what is?

Giving and being of service.

A Habit of Giving Creates Warm Fuzzy Feelings Forever

When you give something to another person, whether material or in service, a physiological response happens within you. That warm fuzzy feeling you had as a free-range child running barefoot through the wild comes back and helps you make sexy-time with your happiness muscles.

When giving without motive, your brain releases pleasure endorphins, including oxytocin, which is also released during sex and lowers your stress. Oxytocin makes you feel more connected to others, which is why people often pay forward random acts of kindness.

Giving is a domino cycle of warm fuzzy feelings that increases the collective bond of the world.

Ideas for Giving Gifts and Being of Service

In this episode, I share a few stories of my transformation through gift giving, as well as a bunch of ideas on how you can give gifts and be of service today, without expectation or motive.

The Universe will always give you what you put into it, so don't think so much about what you are losing. Think about all the peace, serenity, creativity, and love you will be gaining.

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