Unexpected Disaster, Near Death Spirit Interventions, & The Unconventional Miracle named Jules Schroeder

(Founder of The Unconventional Life)

In 2017, Jules Schroeder was named the top female entrepreneur changing the world by Inc. I felt called to join her down in Nicaragua an Unconventional Life event in November, and nothing but magic exploded. Jules and I joined forces for episode 3 of The Never Stop Peaking podcast launch, and dope sauce was flowing like the Nile.

If you are into dope sauce, you should definitely put this episode in your eyes, ears, and butt.


Sweet Ass Wisdom from the show:


If you create a 6-figure business at 18, a 7-figure business at 22, the gremlins will try and steal it from you. But, if you are gangster AF, they won’t win.


If you collapse after a wake-boarding accident and find yourself on your deathbed being confronted by spirits asking you questions, be careful how you respond.


If life isn’t about more money in da bank, then what could it be about?


If your parents poke holes in all the plans and ideas you mastermind… you’ll get REALLY good at identifying what is missing and creating opportunities.


When 75 people gather for a synchronized breath-of-one meditation led by a sex-god named Gregorio in the jungles of Nicaragua, uncontrollable laughing, crying, screaming, and vomiting may work in unison to level up your brains superpowers.


If you are stuck and have no idea what to do, open your channel. If you don’t believe in channels, smash your phone and go sleep in the woods for 5 days.


Instead of seeking, planning, consuming, and analyzing… throw a dart, take action, and get feedback.


It’s possible to make $80k from a Facebook post, even if it’s not a business attempt.


Arise and Fly.

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