In 1987, Lily Ann Fouts was eight years old. Her abusive father was given custody of her and her sister (age six) over their loving, magical mother due to an unfortunate judiciary decision. Lily and her sister begged their mother not to leave them with her father. Out of unconditional motherly love, in an attempt to protect her children, Lily’s mother offered her daughters the only solution: to go on the run and escape the abuse while risking everything.

It wasn’t long before Lily’s face appeared on the milk cartons as a “missing child.” For the next seven years, Lily, her mother, and her sister evaded authorities throughout the United States and Mexico, figuring out how to survive daily by the grace of good people, community, and a series of universal synchronicity visions that helped guide them along the way. This classified them as fugitives which unfortunately meant that they were constantly being tracked for capture.

In this episode, Lily breaks down her experience as a child on the run and all of the magic and tragedy that happened along the way. From puking in fish markets to escaping out back alleys while her mother was tracked by bounty hunters and cops, this story is remarkably inspiring and full of grit.

Ever since her conversion to living on the road, Lily has not given up the lifestyle of being nomadic. She travels and lives full time out of her RV with her husband, and uses her experience to help others create unconventional lifestyles of location independence and sustainable businesses on the road.

I met Lily in 2015 at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon long before I ever moved to the Rose City. I’ve always admired and looked up to her approach at experiencing life, and I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am without her early (and continued) influence.

You can learn more about Lily at and download a free excerpt from her book.

Lily and her husband Keith, a notorious sex god.


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