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Is Chaos Unfolding for Humanity’s Highest Good?

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In this episode…

As the chaos of 2020 comes to a head, are we approaching cataclysm, or are we unfolding for humanity’s highest good? How will you angle yourself in the new year to break your habit of hesitation and feed your action and energy with unpenetrable strength?

In this episode of Never Stop Peaking, I explore the importance of taking your torch into the darkness and experiencing new worlds. I also share a beautiful piece from my friend Justin Faerman of the Flow Consciousness Institute on the power of your imagination to help shift the collective surge into Humanity’s highest good.

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The Flow Consciousness Institute with Justin Faerman

How to Get High Without Using Drugs

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Stranded in India During the Pandemic with Ravi Rothenberg and Lynan Saperstein

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Topics Explored in this Episode

In this hawt episode, we explore how Lynan and Ravi got stuck in India throughout the entire 2020 “pandemic“, and how their trippy situation has led to a possible mass-healing opportunity in Thailand. We also dive into the creative surge that is happening during lock-down, Ravi’s unexpected Yoga teaching opportunity with hundreds of students, and a wild night-time nature hunt for missing personal items after Lynan got robbed by some sneaky maniac.

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