Open Curiosity, Sharing Your Gifts, and Bridging the Gap Between Low and High Frequency w/ Amelia Broughton

Amelia Broughton

(Authenticity Facilitator – Connect. Inspire. Empower.)

This past December, I stumbled upon a magical force of energy in Nicaragua at The Unconventional Life w/ Jules Schroeder and 75 other beautiful beings. Among them was a super attractive authenticity princess named Amelia Broughton who had an approach to conversation that I couldn’t ignore. Amelia gave a simple speech on the different levels of conversation, and she really put off a beautiful vibrant energy throughout the whole trip. In this episode, we re-connect for the first time in a free, authentic conversation that weaves in and out of curiosity, significance, community, intuition, gratitude, profanity, and magic!

Sweet Ass Wisdom from the Episode:

If you are shy about conversation within a strange group, open up your curiosity and engage the others with your ideas.

Share your gifts, no matter what. You’ll be judged either way, and you never know the impact you may have on someone silently watching.

Loneliness is literally killing people. Community is the most powerful healer in the world.

Profanity can be used to bridge the gap between high and low frequencies. It can open up Heaven to the unlikely.

Oysters and Buffalos have wisdom for us all.

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