When was the last time you were outside, laying on your back with your big beautiful eyes gazing at the stars without distraction? In those moments, the only thing that seems to run through my mind is the pure magic of existence, the gratitude of experience, and the humility of myself. Even if you can remember a night like this, I bet it’s been nearly impossible to put a strand of nights together in this situation throughout your life. Most of us escape to the great outdoors only for a few days before we are suctioned back into the “work for money” life. What would it be like to disconnect for an extended period of time and live in the wilderness like our distant ancestors?

Sarah Wallace aka “The Darling Dirtbag” or “Vice” recently finished hiking roughly 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, which spans from the Mexico border to the Canadian border, and it drastically changed her view of life forever. She noticed her personality warp, her compassion expand, and her sense of awareness explode to new realms. She morphed from extrovert to introvert in finding the serenity of spending time alone, but none of these miraculous transformations came without suffering, grit, or physical exhaustion.

I’m pumped to share episode 22 with Sarah because we explore who she was before the hike and who she is now. (and it’s a beautiful switch) We also rage into conversations about the detoxifying forest, the power of true community, gear tips, living a meaningful life, and the benefits of synching with nature’s circadian rhythm.


Sarah’s Instagram: @thedarlingdirtbag

Sarah's Website: http://darlingdirtbag.com/


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