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The Magic of Mushroom Tinctures and Alchemy

For years I've been testing different medicinal mushroom tinctures to see how they impact my health, energy, nerves, and creativity. I even started foraging wild mushrooms myself to make my own double-extract mushroom tinctures. However, my experience with the magic of mushrooms exploded when I discovered Jason Scott and his company Feral Fungi.

Jason is a Mycologist, Ethnobotanist and Spagyricist who has also studied deep Alchemy, Ayurveda, and natural medicine philosophy around the world. In this episode, we explore:

  • Jason's journey in combining alchemy and mycology, resulting in the accidental birth of the spagyric mushroom tinctures and his company Feral Fungi.
  • The difference between common single-extract tinctures, double-extract tinctures, and spagyric tinctures.
  • A breakdown of the different parts of a mushroom
  • The benefits of using an alchemical approach, or spagyrics, when creating mushroom extractions
  • The health benefits of medicinal mushroom extractions
  • The importance of acknowledging and paying respect to the life force of mushrooms and natural medicine

Kinky Links From the Episode

FeralFungi.com – Use Code RAGECREATE to get 10% off

Feral Fungi on Instagram @FeralFungi

Introduction to Spagyrics on Jason's website, Alchemycology.com

Radical Mycology by Peter McCoy

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