How to Optimize Your Health through Biohacking and Epigenetics with David Krantz

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Disrupting Your Circadian Rhythm

Up until about 100 years ago, the world wasn’t experiencing a mass technological shift. It was easy to wake and sleep with the rise and set of the Sun, and we didn’t have electronic lights or electromagnetic frequencies impacting our circadian rhythms.

With the mass onset of computers, televisions, global internet, and the big electronic grid that we now live in, we started breaking our natural cycles and instead, we started operating in patterns that weren’t in alignment with nature itself.

This shift in patterning has impacted the body and the mind, and although many incredible technological advances have helped save lives, cure diseases, and create long-term sustainable health opportunities, there has been a deep negative side as well. Inflammation, depression, fatigue, pain, leaky-gut, and dietary issues can all be related to a lack of living within and understanding the environments that allow us to thrive.

Biohacking and Epigenetics

David Krantz is an Epigenetic Health Coach and an expert in Nutrigenetics, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and Biohacking. He helps people analyze their DNA and genetics to optimize the perfect diet, sleep patterns, and immunity building practices in life. By doing so, not only does your creative expression and cognitive performance accelerate, but genetic healing can occur and change the way you experience life for the best.

In this episode, we dissect all of these topics and more. We also break down tips for biohacking, including topics revolving around circadian rhythm, blue light exposure, intermittent fasting, Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, toxins, meditation, heart rate variability, HIT exercises, cold exposure, earthing, and morning routines.

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