From Idea to Product, Kickstarter Wisdom, and Rage Creating w/ Jason Berwick

(Co-founder of Rage Create – Founder of Jason David Brands)

In 2014 I met Jason Berwick through an automation funnel. His twitter bot responded to my twitter bot, and we immediately engaged with the double sided trolling. Little did I know, he would end up showing me how to buy and resell things on, and that it would eventually lead to the creation of Rage Create and The Sweet Ass Domination Deck. Since 2014, we have both cleared more than $1.5 million in sales online separately, and we are now working towards authentically motivating the world by turning ordinary items into magical reminders.

Sweet Ass Wisdom from the Episode:

The Philippines are sticky icky icky icky icky icky ooo.

Kickstarter is way fucking harder than it looks at the beginning.

Things are never quite like they seem….

If you have a social media bot that trolls another social media bot, you better explore that relationship. It may change your life forever.

Jimmy Johns is a great gig if you quit your job and want some low stress income while you devise your plan to take over the world.

The Sweet Ass Domination Deck is Almost Here!

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