In the opinion of the beautiful brain sheltered within my skull, travel is the most magical and effective form of education. The experience of differing worlds, the virgin interactions with culture, and the pure disconnection from our routine lives are all packed with infinite wisdom, humility, growth and opportunity. There is simply nothing that gets me high like world travel.

Our party crew in Bulgaria

I had the honor of meeting Ian Hoyt while on one of his Life Nomading trips in Bulgaria a few weeks ago. Ian started this travel resource as a blog many years ago, in the heat of dropping out of college to pursue his higher calling. From slinging aviation t-shirts and flying airplanes, to building charging cubes for electronic devices in a creepy basement, Ian took several risky leaps toward entrepreneurship and following his muse before hitting his rock bottom fetal position attack from resistance.

In this episode, Ian and I dissect his journey from anxiety and resistance to creating transformational travel experiences with Life Nomading. We both whole-heartedly value efforts to help facilitate the exploration of personal growth through experience, and this episode takes a deep dive into why it’s so important to break out of your comfort box and create the life you love.

To learn more about Life Nomading, or to get in touch with Ian, visit the links below.


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