The Mother Root of Serotonin- An Ayahuasca Exploration w/ Mary Shores

This is a reflection of the Ayahuasca experience that I have recently returned from. I had Mary Shores on Never Stop Peaking back in July to talk about her first experience, which was an incredible gate for my journey. Now, she returns to help facilitate the integration of my experience, as a channel and companion for opening up the deeper meaning of my healing.

The plant medicine Ayahuasca is an intelligence far beyond what our human brains can comprehend and explain in this language. In this episode, I do my best to share my experience, exactly as it was meant to be, and your interpretation will vary based on what you are in need of absorbing. Ayahuasca is not for everyone, but whether or not you are being called, this conversation will help open up your understanding of the collective consciousness, source, unconditional love, and ultimate truth.

If you are interested in joining Mary Shores at the Rythmia event for females, make sure and contact her through the details in the links below.


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Universal Guidance, The Gift of Breast Cancer, and Softening the Heart in Colombia w/ Whitney Cox

(CEO of Warrior Girl / The Kilele Collection)

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I met Whitney Cox in Nicaragua at The Unconventional Life Entrepreneur bash in late 2017. She had recently recovered from an unexpected battle with Breast Cancer, and I couldn’t help but notice the immense energetic, physical, and mental strength she was embodying. In a world where energy is everything, her vibes are needed more than ever.

Whitney is now the CEO of Warrior Girl, a coaching a retreat program for other warriors who wish to fight for the life they deserve. And, if Warrior Girl is a physical representation of the spiritual and emotional transformation that Whitney experienced, the Kilele Collection (her clothing line) is a visual transformation. 

“The operation split me open from the inside. My heart softened and opened up to the world.” 

I’m humbled to have Whitney on Never Stop Peaking for the first time, and I know her story will open your heart, no matter who you are. 

Sweet Ass Wisdom from the Show:

If the Universe is intuitively pulling you to a completely different life, there may be a really serious underlying reason that you will never discover unless you take a faithful leap. 

“As you make space for the Universe, the Universe will make space for you.”

First proximity, then proof! Never attach yourself to the results, but attach yourself to the process. Figure out what other people do with the life you wish to live, outside of the life you currently live. Then, implement the habits and strategies into your life to make the change you want. 

“When it comes to your soul, you can’t use your rational mind because it doesn’t come from a magical place.”


Would you rather regret knowing, or regret what could been in not knowing? 

“Being an entrepreneur is like a UFC match with your mindset. All of your fears and doubts come up in constant battle.”

“Instead of a panic or anxiety attack, I had a love and joy attack.”

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