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Trusting in the Universe, Relationship Attachment Styles, and Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Ravi Rothenberg

Baba Ravi

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The Maniac With Shorts and Sandals on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Last December, I went back to Africa to revisit the school in Uganda that I bonded with in 2017. While I was out there, I also pursued climbing Africa’s highest peak in Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro, due to my love for the serene feeling above the clouds. I’m a firm believer that through exploring and experience in places unknown to you, you will connect with the magic in life that you’ve been missing.  Oftentimes, this type of magic comes in the form of human connection, just as it did when I met Ravi Rothenberg a few a days before the trek started. 

Just a few sunrises into the climb, my perception of Ravi started shifting drastically. When you see a man wearing shorts and sandals in a rainstorm on the side of a freezing mountain, while everyone else is in full rain gear and base layers, you know you’ve got a true warrior on your hands. Although I’m a huge advocate of cold water therapy, breathwork, and other biohacking practices to help boost the mitochondria and immunity in the body, even I was a little concerned due to conditions and altitude. While most of us were trying to change into dry clothes and bundle up at camp, Ravi was out doing pushups and yoga in his undies, overlooking the edges of cliffs like a Greek God. And, who’s to say he’s not? After all, he was the only one who summited the climb without using altitude sickness medicine. 

Getting to know Ravi was truly one of the highlights of my trip. Our conversations had no limit in depth, and I sensed the wisdom of a character of who was truly dialed into something greater than the individual self. When talking to Ravi, I often feel a bit sedated and much more eager to listen and learn than normal, which is why I am truly excited to share this podcast episode with you.

In this episode, Baba Ravi and I catch up for the first time in a while, bouncing in and out of topics such Ravi’s journey, listening to your calling, identifying universal signs of flow, tapping into flow, levels of attachment in relationships, contemplating death, the “first-labeling” thought, and the importance of faith. Ravi also runs yoga, breathwork, and mind/body connection retreats, so hit him up if you are interested in getting in touch with your deeper purpose in life. 

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Ravi’s Instagram: @RisewithRavi

Ravi’s Website:

Book: Attached – Amir Levine and Rachel Heller

Learn Your Adult Attachment Style

Information on Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

If you are interested in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, my friend Scott Brills runs a remarkable guide company, Pamoja Safaris. I can 200% vouch that my experience with his crew was heads and shoulders above all the other crews and groups that I witnessed on the mountain. I felt like I was with my second family, and the equipment, cost, culture, experience, and care was unmatched. Even if you are unsure of your ability to climb, especially at high altitudes, I’m confident his guides will get you to the summit with care.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about the climb if you are interested in going. Feel free to comment on this post or hit me up on social or email.  I can connect you directly to Scott if needed via messaging or email.

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How to Optimize Your Health through Biohacking and Epigenetics with David Krantz

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Disrupting Your Circadian Rhythm

Up until about 100 years ago, the world wasn’t experiencing a mass technological shift. It was easy to wake and sleep with the rise and set of the Sun, and we didn’t have electronic lights or electromagnetic frequencies impacting our circadian rhythms.

With the mass onset of computers, televisions, global internet, and the big electronic grid that we now live in, we started breaking our natural cycles and instead, we started operating in patterns that weren’t in alignment with nature itself.

This shift in patterning has impacted the body and the mind, and although many incredible technological advances have helped save lives, cure diseases, and create long-term sustainable health opportunities, there has been a deep negative side as well. Inflammation, depression, fatigue, pain, leaky-gut, and dietary issues can all be related to a lack of living within and understanding the environments that allow us to thrive.

Biohacking and Epigenetics

David Krantz is an Epigenetic Health Coach and an expert in Nutrigenetics, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and Biohacking. He helps people analyze their DNA and genetics to optimize the perfect diet, sleep patterns, and immunity building practices in life. By doing so, not only does your creative expression and cognitive performance accelerate, but genetic healing can occur and change the way you experience life for the best.

In this episode, we dissect all of these topics and more. We also break down tips for biohacking, including topics revolving around circadian rhythm, blue light exposure, intermittent fasting, Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, toxins, meditation, heart rate variability, HIT exercises, cold exposure, earthing, and morning routines.

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From Shock to Awe: How Plant Medicine is Healing Veterans with PTSD (with Dr. Janine Sagert and Olivia Broughton)

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What is the root of your deepest trauma? What blockages are you holding physically and mentally that are preventing you from stepping into the next happiest, healthiest version of yourself? What kind of pains, experiences, and memories are you ready to let go of? 

We all have our ups and downs, but how are YOU reacting to yours? What are they attached to? How are they affecting your relationships, your daily routines, and the passion within your pursuits? For many years, I stuffed things away into the back of my mind hoping they would just disappear. On many different occasions, they boiled up into black-out rampages and deep pools of depression. I had no idea how to overcome these things that were crippling me. In reality, I didn’t even know what most of them were. We all experience suffering on a certain level, and no matter what level it is, it’s the hardest thing in the world for an individual when it hits.

My experiences with Ayahuasca and other types of Plant Medicine have been discussed before on this podcast. I am in awe with the love that these medicines represent as well as the deep healing wisdom of their teachings. When I was contacted by the crew behind the Documentary, From Shock to Awe, to potentially do a podcast, I was overcome with excitement and curiosity. 

Dr. Janine Sagert, Executive Producer
Olivia Broughton, Authentic Relating Faciliator

The general question being explored within From Shock to Awe is: How do we heal our deepest traumas and wounds?

Can these medicines help break up, re-pattern, and transform the deepest wounds that exist throughout this complex thing we call humanity? PTSD, suicide, and chronic depression are some of the more notable issues that trauma can instigate. Within the film, these topics and questions are dissected throughout the exploratory and transformative journeys of a few deeply traumatized combat Veterans, as well as their loving and supportive, yet affected, families.

According to Wikipedia, the most recent report published by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2016 analyzed that an average of 20 veterans a day die from suicide. The current support system in place isn’t working, and changes must be made. Can plant medicines help save lives?

Executive Producer Dr. Janine Sagert joins me on this episode for a cosmic exploration into the powerful transformations of Veterans Matt Kahl, Aimee Kahl, and Mike Cooley. Dr. Sagert spent years as a researcher at Harvard University School of Public Health investigating the role of community cohesion on individual mental health and stress. She received her doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley with sub-specialties in resilience, altered states of consciousness, and Indian culture. We are also joined by Olivia Broughton, a very special guest who has extensive experience with plant medicine ceremonies and authentic relating within the prison system to heal trauma.

“There is really good news on this planet from the ground up, and not from the top down.”

Dr. Janine Sagert

On top of the film discussion, we break down the root causes behind our broken community support systems and open up the discussion for how a massive planetary shift has to start within each individual first.

To date, From Shock to Awe has won the “Mangurama Award for Conscious Documentary Storytelling” at the Illuminate Film Festival and “Best Documentary” at the Psychedelic Film and Music Festival. And it has received positive reviews from critics, experts, and audiences alike.

An Overview of the Veterans and Family Members Discussed in From Shock to Awe

Matt Kahl
Matt Kahl served in the 101st Airborne Division from 2007-2011. When an ambush blew up one of the convoys he was traveling with, instantly killing the driver and seriously injuring the others passengers, Matt’s life changed. After struggling with severe post-traumatic stress, his mission since has been to get off prescription medications entirely, first with the help of cannabis and, eventually, ayahuasca. His healing through ayahuasca was so profound that Matt went on to found Veterans for Natural Rights. VNR is a social welfare and political action organization with deep roots in the veteran population, specializing in helping those with PTSD and other mental/behavior health issues related to trauma, regain their lives, their purpose, and their sense of community.

Aimee Kahl
In 2007, Matt and Aimee were married, and in 2008 he had deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division. In 2009, Aimee noticed Matt detaching and withdrawing. Matt chose his next step on his healing journey: ayahuasca. “I was scared and felt helpless, but at the same time determined not to stand in his way.” Noting that, “Everything he tried previously…all conventional meds, conventional therapy, made it worse.” More than anything, she was continually amazed at the bravery of he and his fellow vets. “They’re brave when they go to war and they’re brave now trying to get better. I admire it very much. I want to get better with them because I realize through all of this, I’m not OK.”

Mike Cooley
Cooley was deployed three times — once to Afghanistan and twice to Iraq — but it wasn’t until he returned home in January of 2009 and found himself suddenly losing his temper with his young stepdaughter that he knew something was deeply wrong. “Ayahuasca is the doorway that’s open to me, and I can accept this doorway, and it can bring peace and healing.”

Brooke Cooley
Brooke Cooley met her husband, Mike, in December of 2007 while working at the 148th MP detachment in HR. After seeing the positive changes that cannabis had on her husband, they embraced the use of cannabis as a medicine, as “an alternative to the pharmaceuticals we were being handed by the hundreds,” says Brooke. “It worked; it worked very well for both of us.”


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Setting Ultra Racing Records, Hallucinations in the Grand Canyon, and Rebirth with Liz Sampey

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Liz Sampey is the women’s record holder for the fastest time in the AZT 750 race, the world’s largest single track bike race.  I met her in Indonesia in November of 2018, and she left a permanent inspirational impression on me thereafter.  I spent a few hours over breakfast with a dropped jaw, listening to her story which navigated a path from self uncertainty, toxic relationships, and depression to celebrated endurance athlete and holistic performance coach. A year later, we are finally re-connecting to bring the power of her story to the podcast.

Liz’s post after finishing her record setting AZT 750 race.

From ultra racing, spiritual rebirth, and contemplating death to a complete mental and physical breakdown at 2:00am alone while crossing a river in the Grand Canyon during a 750 miles race (watch the video of her breakdown) this conversation is exploding with goodness. We also dissect the power of not only visualizing your dreams but feeling them during the manifestation process.

Clearly, Liz never stops peaking. But, what kind of trauma and shadow did she have to work through to create the foundation that supports all the strength she now has? Listen to the episode for all answers.

She captured this shot during our call which clearly needed to be shared:

To learn more about Vital Motion Life or to get in touch with Liz, visit the links below.


Vital Motion Life (Liz’s Website)

Liz Instagram: @ElizaSampey @Vital_Motion

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Creating Transformational Travel Experiences with Ian Hoyt of Life Nomading

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In the opinion of the beautiful brain sheltered within my skull, travel is the most magical and effective form of education. The experience of differing worlds, the virgin interactions with culture, and the pure disconnection from our routine lives are all packed with infinite wisdom, humility, growth and opportunity. There is simply nothing that gets me high like world travel.

Our party crew in Bulgaria

I had the honor of meeting Ian Hoyt while on one of his Life Nomading trips in Bulgaria a few weeks ago. Ian started this travel resource as a blog many years ago, in the heat of dropping out of college to pursue his higher calling. From slinging aviation t-shirts and flying airplanes, to building charging cubes for electronic devices in a creepy basement, Ian took several risky leaps toward entrepreneurship and following his muse before hitting his rock bottom fetal position attack from resistance.

In this episode, Ian and I dissect his journey from anxiety and resistance to creating transformational travel experiences with Life Nomading. We both whole-heartedly value efforts to help facilitate the exploration of personal growth through experience, and this episode takes a deep dive into why it’s so important to break out of your comfort box and create the life you love. 

To learn more about Life Nomading, or to get in touch with Ian, visit the links below.


Life Nomading

Upcoming Trips and Website:

Instagram: @lifenomading

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