Whitney Powell - Never Stop Peaking

Every once in a while, I walk away from a conversation feeling like I have fear in an everlasting headlock. This sense of energy is infectious, and I believe that the power of feeling it, absorbing it, and sharing it is my high purpose. But, I cannot just create this energy internally and share it. It comes from the source, and the source is shared with me through the magical impact of others. We are all one big sexy grid of energy. Sometimes, the grid goes down for a few hours while the storms do their work and wash away funk. But, the sun always rises again.

Whitney Powell is very much part of the Sun. She shines brightly in areas of leadership, athletics, motivation, and drop-kicking the fuck out of fear. It doesn’t matter how people look at her, she doesn’t care. She always shows up and shines just as bright, no matter what kind of gremlins try and block her aspirations. Whitney is a lifetime athlete, constantly working on performance throughout a variety of sports, including ultra marathons, trail running, diving, cycling, and rowing. She has run marathons on every continent, and she once ran 350 miles from Santa Monica to Las Vegas, and now she’s taking her best shot at becoming the first woman to row on a Men’s Olympic team. She also heads her own media production company Iron Will Productions, where she travels the world and captures kick-ass adventures.

Whitney truly never stops peaking.

@ironwillwhit on Instagram
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