Airplane Gremlins, Setting a Vision, and Creating a Sacred Space

Do you ever have trouble actually achieving the goals that you set? Or, are you the type of person that sets resolutions in the New Year only to procrastinate actually achieving them until the year is almost gone? After interviewing 100+ creative entrepreneurs on my last podcast, I discovered a nifty way to set up and actually achieve visions in a short, effective time frame. This episode kicks off with a dissection of why vision is so important, and then takes a dive into the magic behind creating a sacred space for thinking, meditating, planning, creating, and reflection.

Sweet Ass Wisdom from the Episode:

You are the queen of tides. You are the King of lights. You are a maniac banshee doing backflips through the tree-tops of resistance. Love your glow.

If resistance gremlins dislocate your back right before you have to get on a 21-hour flight, don’t give up or you’ll never launch projects that help save the world.

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Setting a vision over 100 days is a gangster technique, but only setting goals at the New Year is for amateur weenies.

If you want to connect with the muse and truly bring your visions to life, you must create a sacred space. Download the checklist in the links below.

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