If I can give you advice…

I say don't listen at all.

Go pogo stick in your undies,

…and roll the triangle ball.

Rip off all of your clothes,

And run looney through the woods.

And do the opposite of everything

…'they' told you you should.

Swim where the fishies fly,

So high above the trees.

Fly where the raven's dive

…deep deep below the seas.

Lose yourself in the w0rld,

With foreign foods and dudes and boobs. 😉

And try on love of all shapes

…and colors and sizes too.

Play duck duck moose,

Instead of duck duck goose.

Eat yur salad with a spoon

…and fucking howl at the moon.

Don't just think outside the box,

be the box remover.

And when you can, break the rules

…but first break the rulers.

Say I Love You more,

and surrender to love too.

Forgive everyone for everything

…starting with you.

Slow down and enjoy

something beautiful here.

Slow down and enjoy

…that beautiful something in the mirror.

It's all laughs and love.

It's all truth–no doubt.

Inhale the divine white light

…and blow the boogie monsters out.

When you become the Sun,

You bypass the clouds.

And if you flow like the ocean

…you'll wash out the droughts.

So stop trying so fucking hard

to figure things out

Cause what if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?