Why Trying New Things Will Help You Slaughter Resistance

I painted for the first time the other day. It was a beautiful mess of colors. Certainly nothing anyone with an appreciation for artist talent would admire, but the colors blended, and I created something that wasn’t in this world before. I channeled energy from the universe into shades and shapes matching the reflection of this luscious planet.


It was not the painting I viewed as the reward; it was the act of painting. I started something new, and that always takes guts. I triggered new thoughts, emotions, and experiences by dipping and smearing the brush. It’s the very root habit of creativity.


Are you afraid to do something new? I thought about painting for 10+ years, but I was always too in love with my ego to try it. I knew the result wouldn’t pass the eye test, and I thought it would make me feel like a failure. I lived most of my life hiding from anything I didn’t think I would be great at. This is a poisonous route to take. Are you drinking the poison, too?


When you try something new, it’s the baseline for opportunity. If you remove the ego, you also remove your judgments. Instead of scolding yourself and feeling not good enough, you can admire the act of creating in itself. Have no mind on what the output is. The act of creating in itself is the divine habit. It’s the portal to a happy and free soul. It’s the feeling of truly being alive.


You must understand that if you create, you will evolve as a creator. Your creations will evolve alongside you. At first, they may seem stupid, or ugly, or worthless, but every great creation is the result of a thousand trials that weren’t so beautiful. Nonetheless, each one of those trials was supplied with energy by the previous trial. The final creation cannot be what it is without the blunder of fuckery along the way.


This is how life is. You are a creation. Every thought of every experience of every moment of every day is a continuation of your ultimate creative manifestation. This moment, just as the last, is a pitstop for fuel on your mission to the space of ultimate high. To become one with your purpose, passion, and spirit, you must be willing to eat shit on the bottom line. Be proud of not knowing what the fuck you are doing. Be happy to make a mess, test the waters, bust open your wounds, and attack the next challenge. There isn’t one happy or free being that didn’t start by licking scum off the ground.


The lower you start, the higher you can go. The more you show up, the more fuel you will create. Colors will expand to new shades. Words will turn into libraries. Voices will echo through the infinite canyons of the heavens.


At the edge of your seat, you must create. You must rage through your doubts. You must explore. You must push forward. You must smear the blood on the canvas.


There are those who will never arrive due to fear and conformity. You are not one of those.


You are a habit of creation.


You are the fire of a torch that has been burning resistance before time even existed.


You are of the highest power.


If you enter the battle with honor, you’ve already won the war.


Rage Create


Rage Create Why Trying New Things Will Help You Slaughter Resistance

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