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Kickstart Your Life And Develop Your Happiness Muscle

This Sweet-Ass Journal Shows You How in 100 Days

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Quit Being A Scared Weenie And Stand Up For Your Dreams!

If you really want something, you have to beast up and take action. This journal will help you build a habit for taking the RIGHT actions!

10 Things You Will Learn From This Sweet Ass Journal...

  • Set a vision for your 100-day transformation. Stop the guesswork and know where you actually want to be by the end of 100 days!
  • Kickstart your days with big smiles and a breakfast of gratitude. Wrap your brain around positive vibes to shape the rest of your day.
  • Identify and dominate your most valuable daily actions. No more wasted time on meaningless goober tasks.
  • Become a master of brainstorming ideas, some of which will change your life and become your creative masterpieces!
  • Eliminate emotional and physical distractions and surround yourself with value. Less is more.
  • Bring back and sustain the warm fuzzy feeling you had as a child. Remember that sweet ass feeling?
  • Become what you think about. Bring your visions to reality!
  • Use your breath as a superpower by discovering the magic of mindfulness.
  • Reflect upon and celebrate your progress to optimize motivation and excitement. Keep the momentum going so you don't just stop at 100 days.
  • Beef up your happiness muscle to body-slam resistance and build your freedom empire!

Hi, I'm Heath

In just 2 years, I interviewed over 100+ creative entrepreneurs around the world in an attempt to pinpoint the creative habits and strategies that contributed to their success. 

After applying these habits to my life (and teaching them to others), I retired my traditional ‘career’ in construction, paid off over $20k in personal debt, sold my house and all of my belongings for full-time travel, and scaled my e-commerce business to over $2 million in revenue since. 

After seeing the results, I put this SWEET-ASS daily practice in a journal to help you develop your happiness muscle with no limitations!

"Every now and then I find a great new tool that improves my life or helps me become a better person. This year my favorite new tool is this Sweet Ass Journal. I've stayed productive, sane, and grateful, and I owe a lot to the guidance of this tool. I'll be buying it as a gift for several different friends and loved ones, too. I can't recommend it highly enough!”

-Lily Ann Fouts, Author of Seven Years Running and more

What's Inside?

Inside Sweet Ass Journal
Sweet Ass Journal Inside
Sweet Ass Journal Table of Contents

Kickstart each morning with an inspirational quote, and feel the magic unfold as you implement this practice into your life.

Sweet Ass Journal in action

Plus Bonuses!

Get all the tools to help you along the way!

  • 100 Day Tracker- Keep track of your journaling process. 
  • Freedom Buds Reminder- Hang it up to remind yourself of your goals.
  • Print-at-home templates for Kindle readers
  • Fillable PDF of Journal- Journal without the need to carry around a physical book or paper.
  • Audio Guide- Listen for inspiration on the go.
  • Create Your Sacred Space- A guide for setting up your space to better serve the life you want.
  • Earl Nightingale "We become what we think about"- Listen to this 30-minute speech that will change your life.
  • Access to Gremlin Smasher Facebook group for future promo codes and beta readers team

“As a former social worker and therapist who now works as a life coach, I've seen it all when it comes to journals, books about personal development, and all other forms of inspirational/motivational content - and Heath's Sweet Ass Journal stands out amongst everything else! I love my copy of the journal (I'll be ordering another one soon!), I've gifted this to clients and friends, and I can't recommend it enough for anyone who wants to spend 2 minutes every day to become happier, more centered and balanced, and more excited about their life!

-Valerie Groth, Coach, Author, and Founder of Ryan Banks Academy

“What if journaling could be channeled simply and powerfully towards Joy? I have been so blessed in the time I have been using this tool. Elegant and challenging, the SAJ has guided me to radically rethinking what I want from my business yes, but also from my life as a whole.

-JC Spears, Founder of Mobile Minion

Lindsay Sanders

I’ve read many of these habit building books and most are sterile, boring, and, as a result, difficult to use sustainably and effectively. Heath’s writing and approach is insightful, inspiring, and funny. I especially like it because the format of the book is easy to use and not too time consuming. Every morning and night you get to write as much or as little as you’d like (or draw) and reflect on specific things that will help you to become a more intentional, grateful, productive, happier human. I would highly recommend this journal!”

-Lindsay Sanders

“What a start! Generally, I’ve found that whenever I take on new projects the first week is the most successful, but I’ve been genuinely impressed with how many things I’ve managed to change in just one week just by completing the journal and focusing on my goals. I’d heavily encourage anybody who hasn’t yet started the Sweet Ass Journal Course to get stuck into it.”

-Jamie Atkinson, Founder of letsgetjobless.com

Jamie Atkinson
Chloe Stubbs

“I started the journal in a mindset of a bit of frustration and anxiety about achieving my goals. I only started the journal 3 days ago, but those few days were just...I'm not exaggerating when I say some of the best days of my life so far. They were not particularly exciting, but what made them so amazing was that I set my mindset right, and literally, things just kept falling into my lap!! I was amazed!! I now truly believe what you put out into this universe, you get back. From now on, there is no going back. Why would I live my life any other way, other than towards my version of absolute freedom and happiness?”

-Chloe Stubbs

Sweet Ass Journal

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