You Have a Power That Only Gods Have

The mirror can be a scary place. It’s a reflection of divinity–a masterpiece of the Gods–yet it’s easy to let the self-judgement gremlins paint a picture of horror in its place. After all, you have been poisoned by superficial illusions and advertisements since the moment your pretty little eyes first opened in this physical plane.


You must center your focus on your light, and not your darkness.


Your distant relatives didn’t dick around worrying about how good they looked after their Brazilian wax. They were out hunting animals, building fires, battling enemies, and creating empires. They smelled like shit and were completely unaware that their descendants would shave and bleach their buttholes to impress each other. Quit focusing on what stinks and do what needs to be done to survive and advance.


You have the sharpest weapon in the war against resistance: the ability to create.


It’s a power that only Gods have.


Use the mirror as a reminder to reflect your powers into the world.


The future depends on your light.


Rage Create


Rage Create You Have a Power That Only Gods Have

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