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From face-down-pants-down to $1.2 million in 3 years!

know what it’s like to feel trapped in a lifestyle that doesn’t excite or fulfill. It’s hard to believe in dreams when tradition is trolling our brains. Work. Stuff. Things. They all creep in and poke us in the pooper, stopping our asses from pursuing our personal legends. It’s a messy situation, but it’s not the only option.

Just 3 years ago I was overwhelmed, depressed, buried in debt, and empty inside. I even woke up face-down-pants down on my garage floor one morning. I had no passion for what my life had become, so I literally just said fuck it. I forced myself out of my comfort zone, and I started interviewing creative and successful entrepreneurs around the world. I quickly realized that they all shared an obsession with optimizing personal habits in areas of gratitude, mindset, focus, abundance, planning, and reflection. Their business success was only a reflection of their personal success. Why is this so important? Well, it means that ANYONE can create success by simply building a personal foundation of effective habits. (*Hint* – You and Me too)

The obsession quickly infected me and I made a rapid transformation that still seems surreal. I paid off my debt, left my career, built a company that has sold more than $1.2 million in products online, and am finally living with purpose. Earlier this year, I created The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days, which is a compilation of the habits I adopted from the interviewees. I combined them into a system that makes it easy for you to set a vision and achieve it over 100 days, among other magical transformations. You can read about my full story herecheck out the journal here, and keep up with my articles here. I’ll be here to motivate you every step of the way to your freedom empire. -Heath

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Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days

Sweet Ass Journal Praise from Around the World

Lily Anne Fouts

“Every now and then I find a great new tool that improves my life or helps me become a better person. This year my favorite new tool is this Sweet Ass Journal. I’ve stayed productive, sane, and grateful, and I owe a lot to the guidance of this tool. I’ll be buying it as a gift for several different friends and loved ones, too. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

-Lily Ann Fouts, Author of Seven Years Running and more, US

“What if journaling could be channeled simply and powerfully towards Joy? I have been so blessed in the time I have been using this tool. Elegant and challenging, the SAJ has guided me to radically rethinking what I want from my business yes, but also from my life as a whole. 

-JC Spears, Founder of Mobile Minion, US

JC Spears

“I only started the journal 3 days ago, but those few days were just…I’m not exaggerating when I say some of the best days of my life so far. Once I set my mindset right, things just kept falling into my lap!! I was amazed!! I now truly believe what you put out into this universe, you get back. The Sweet Ass Journal is a highly effective tool to keep me motivated, instead of watching Netflix and moping about how my life sucks.”

-Chloe Stubbs, Melbourne, Australia


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More Sweet Ass Journal Praise from Around the World

Jamie Atkinson

“What a start! Generally, I’ve found that whenever I take on new projects the first week is the most successful, but I’ve been genuinely impressed with how many things I’ve managed to change in just one week just by completing the journal and focusing on my goals. I’d heavily encourage anybody who hasn’t yet started the Sweet Ass Journal Course to get stuck into it.”

-Jamie Atkinson, Founder of, UK

I’ve read many of these habit building books and most are sterile, boring, and, as a result, difficult to use sustainably and effectively. Heath’s writing and approach is insightful, inspiring, and funny. I especially like it because the format of the book is easy to use and not too time consuming. Every morning and night you get to write as much or as little as you’d like (or draw) and reflect on specific things that will help you to become a more intentional, grateful, productive, happier human. I would highly recommend this journal!” 

Lindsay Sanders

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