Overcoming Adversity vs. Feeding the Ego, Cleaning Human Files, and Channeling Sacred Geometry w/ Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley

(Author of Permission to Leap, Life Coach, Podcaster, Authentic Relating Wizard)

Some people are fake and love eating cakes, and others are real and love eating thrills. Bri is one of the rare gems that glows with authenticity, and I have mad respect for her vibes. We first tangoed back in 2016 when I interviewed her on my old show, The Artsy Now Podcast, and she was a huge influence in my visualization practices that allowed me to create this freedom lifestyle. Because only gangsters free-ball, Bri and I recorded this conversation on an agenda-free cloud with green vegetables and love dancing in our bellies. We ride through peaks of self-confrontation, diet fuel, methods for self love, emotional filing cabinets, rewiring your brain, sacred geometry, and allowing yourself permission to leap.

Sweet Ass Wisdom from the Episode:

Be authentic, or you’ll never have authentic friends. Plus, I’ll ship poo to you in the mail.

If you accomplish Whole30- that’s cool, unless you only do it for 30 days and then you brag 3 months later. Whole365, bitches. Eat healthy ALL THE TIME.

There is a battle that happens between feeding and suppressing the Ego, and it involves overcoming adversity. Sometimes it’s confusing.

If someone calls you names or makes you feel like shit for becoming your highest self, may strength be with you to overcome!

Your body and brain are like folders and files in your computer. There are methods to access files you’ve forgotten and reformat the way you think and feel.

Love yourself and explore new methods to support your optimization, like meditation, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, muscle re-patterning, reiki, deprivation tanks, and pizza parties.

You can heal the wounds of your lineage from thousands of years passed.

Your subconscious knows exactly what scene of your life the tensions is stored in. Connect and set it free.

If your Great Aunt channels sacred geometry drawings through trances connected to Scottish architects who love colored pencils, please come on my show.

It’s not about picking sides, it’s about HARMONIZING both sides.

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