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How to Never Stop Peaking, 4 Tips for Creating Your Freedom Empire, + Podcast Launch

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The most important description in the world:

About me: I’m Heath Armstrong. I smash resistance gremlins with my books and this podcast. I never stop peaking. About you: You’re into ridiculous rants, authentic convos, and sweet ass motivation. You want to learn how to never stop peaking. Plus, everyone loves a little comedy, all wrapped in a used condom. Twinkle Twinkle, space-ape.—-

Topics revolve around habit optimization, destroying resistance gremlins, mind-strength, life in flow, authentic relating, psychedelics, butt-chugging, mindfulness, digital nomads, e-commerce, fruity pebbles, intergalactic space-squids and Heath’s journey from face-down-pants-down to location-independent creative maniac. Many resistance gremlins were harmed during the making of this show. Bitcoin ftw.

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