How to Identify, Dominate, and Give Wedgies to Resistance Gremlins

We all experience the monster of resistance in our lifelong battle to create our freedom and happiness empires. Some of the more common forms of resistance are fear, stress, anxiety, and procrastination.


Brilliant authors and philosophers have dissected resistance in their works since the beginning of literacy (the modern Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art being one of my favorites), and there is a good reason for this.


Resistance is the enemy of creation. If we can identify it and suppress it, we can create magic.  When we resist, we conform to the death of creation – the death of ourselves. When we create, we destroy resistance. To manifest a life of pure happiness and freedom, we must create it. Therefore, we must destroy resistance.


Everyone experiences resistance, but not everyone can identify the beast. It can creep into life in disguise as comfort, assurance, and even judgements and advice from family and friends. So, it’s impeccably important to be able to identify resistance, and then take all actions necessary to obtain, suppress, and slaughter it!


If we attach “gremlin” to the back of resistance, it makes it easier for us to understand that resistance is a real living energy of evil that lives to dismantle our creations and butt-rape our progress. Then, we can personify anything that stands in our way by attaching a gremlin face and body to it.


In my world, there are email gremlins, Facebook gremlins, alcohol gremlins, weather gremlins, dunkaroo gremlins, sex gremlins, sleep gremlins, exercise gremlins, focus gremlins, and even travel gremlins! These nasty little goons can show up anywhere, anytime, and in any form. and it’s not only humorous to envision them with gremlin heads, but it directly helps to keep the focus on identifying and destroying anything that stands in the way of our persistence and personal creative development.


What resistance gremlins are in your way? What can you do right now to identify and stop them?


Resistance gremlins are your enemy. Be on the lookout like Big Arnold in Terminator.  Keep your weapons sharp and make those little bastards pee in their undies! Give them wedgies and bully them! Steal and eat their lunches!


You are a soldier of persistence, and with continued actions, you will dominate resistance forever.


If you want to check out a system for destroying resistance gremlins and creating your happiness empire, pick up The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days.


It also comes with a mega amount of bonus material you can check out here.


Would love to hear some of your gremlin experiences in the comments below.. especially the x-rated ones. 😉


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