If you are interested in co-creating something awesome or featuring me in a podcast, speaking engagement, website interview, webinar, or anything else, feel free to book a slot in my calendar to do a virtual coffee/tea and beast out the idea.

You can find more information on subjects and direction below, as well as a brief media bio at the very bottom of this page. If you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up via email or social media. Click the link below to schedule a 15 min time slot in my calendar.

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The Paradise Pack

I discussed habits and goals with Jason and Trav from Location Indie during the Paradise Pack virtual party. The Paradise Pack is a collection of resources to help people become location independent and add more travel to their lives. The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days was a part of the 2017 pack.

Be Your Best Self Podcast -

Be Your Best Self Podcast

Jamie had me on the Be Your Best Self Podcast and we discussed my story of transformation to physical, spiritual and emotional health, why your daily habits matter, and what helps me stay on the path of health and happiness. Check it out here.
#relatable podcast -

#Relatable Podcast

I had a great chat with Rachael and Ashley on the #Relatable Podcast. We discussed topics like understanding resistance and your ability to be uncomfortable, removing distractions and things that aren’t in alignment, and how impacting people is a much more abundant form of currency than money. Check it out here.
Work Alchemy Podcast

Work Alchemy Podcast

Ursula Jorch invited me on the Work Alchemy Podcast and we discussed my journey from working in the concrete business to creating my own successful online businesses. Check it out here.
Misfits and Rejects Podcast

Misfits and Rejects Podcast

I sat down with Chapin Kreuter from the Misfits and Rejects Podcast and we discussed how I turned my life around and quit a job I hated for a life of location independence from work with online arbitrage. Check it out here.
Readily Random

Readily Random Podcast

I had a great conversation with Larry Roberts on the Readily Random Podcast where we trade inspiration and discuss the importance of taking action. Check it out here.
The Business Bitch Podcast

The Business Bitch Podcast

I was on The Business Bitch Podcast and had a great conversation with Chelsea Baldwin about the sexy three-way between your brain, heart, and soul, the Sweet Ass Domination Deck and favorite cards, Twitter bots and business relationships, and more. Check it out here.

Dream Life is Real Life

Dream Life is Real Life Podcast

I was on the Dream Life is Real Life Podcast talking with Hanna Hermanson about starting with the end goal and motivating your creative maniac mind. Check it out here.

Unconventional Life Podcast

The Unconventional Life Podcast

Jules Schroeder had me on the The Unconventional Life Podcast to discuss how I transformed my life through affirmations, how to impact thousands of people around the world, and my secret for happiness and inspiration. Check it out here.

World Wanderers

The World Wanderers

I had a great conversation with Amanda Kingsmith & Ryan Ferguson on the The World Wanderers Podcast about the decision to leave a decent paying job for a life of uncertainty and instability, hitting rock bottom, and what it was like leaving the country for the first time.  Check it out here.

Mindset of Success Podcast

Mindset of Success Podcast

Logan Greenwood had me on the Mindset of Success Podcast to discuss how much how you think about the world has the power to change everything. We dug in deep on both of our experiences with taking risks and creating our current lifestyle so check it out here.

Perfect Imbalance Podcast

Perfect Imbalance Podcast

I had such an amazing conversation with Jeff Weigh of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast that we had to split it up into 2 parts! Check out part 1 and part 2.

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Travis of the Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast had me on the show to talk behind the scenes of the Sweet Ass Domination Deck, my travel adventures, habits, and more.  I even share wisdom from my 94-year-old Grandma. You don't want to miss this one. Listen to the episode here.

Up Rev Ninja

Up Rev Ninja

I had a great discussion with Tom Hudson on the Up Rev Ninja podcast about being vulnerable, asking yourself what really makes you happy, and more. Check out the episode here.

JKWD Podcast

JKWD Podcast

Josh and Kevin had me on the JKWD podcast to talk about how I went from face-down pants-down to $1.2 million. We talk about affirmations, believing in yourself, not being afraid of being who you are, and doing things that challenge you mentally and physically. Listen to the episode here.

Path Hunters Podcast

The Path Hunters Podcast

I had another great discussion with Paul Lam on The Path Hunters Podcast. This time we talk about visualization, being honest and genuine in business, and my new inspirational cards, The Sweet Ass Domination Deck: Affirmations to Motivate Your Creative Maniac Mind. Listen to the episode here.

The first time I was on Path Hunters I talked about my journey from hitting rock bottom to location independence. We also discuss the life-changing habits and strategies I've included in my first book, Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 DaysCheck it out here.

Permission to Leap

Permission to Leap

Bri Seeley had me on her podcast Permission to Leap to cover how I use the Sweet Ass Journal to conquer my goals. I even go over my current goals and habits I'm working on. Find out what they are and more here.

The Peaceful Life

The Peaceful Life

I had a great discussion with Laura on The Peaceful Life Podcast about my new creation The Sweet Ass Domination Deck: Affirmations to Motivate Your Creative Maniac Mind. Check it out here.

100 Masterminds

100 Masterminds

Ray Blakney invited me on the 100 Masterminds Podcast to talk about my experiences with mastermind groups. We go over what makes some masterminds successful and why some don't work out. Check out the full episode here.


I had an awesome conversation with Steve Young on the AppMasters Podcast about my journey through entrepreneurship and how I went from $25k in debt to making $1.2 million in my current business. Check it out here.

Quarter Life Comeback

The Quarter Life Comeback

My friend Bryan runs the Quarter Life Comeback show, and we collaborated on an awesome episode discussing vision boards, if you should start a business with your friend, the difference between quitting and giving up, and more. Check it out here.

Also, make sure you check out the first time I was on the show! We covered morning routines, habits, debt, and more. Part 1Part 2

Zero to Travel

The Zero to Travel Show

This show was baller AF and SUPER SPECIAL because I got to chat with Jason Moore, a major influence in my push to create an unconventional life. I love this dude with all my heart, so it was a treat to get to talk about the journey with someone who was there along side. Check out how I went from zero to travel here, or directly from iTunes here. You can also download here.

Publishing Profits

The Publishing Profits Podcast Show

I discussed the importance of giving, how personal habits and business are connected, and how quitting your job might not always be the answer, with Tom Corson-Knowles on The Publishing Profits Show. You can get all the details and listen here.

Hack the Entrepreneur

Hack the Entrepreneur Podcast

Jonny Nastor from Hack the Entrepreneur Podcast had me on the show to discuss what started my journey as an entrepreneur and what has really helped me succeed. Get the inside scoop on how I started creating habits and what I do when I miss a day. Check it out here.

That Martketing Dude Show

That Marketing Dude Show

Luke Benjamin Thomas has an awesome podcast to help digital nomads take their business to the next level so they can continue traveling and kick ass online. We talked about the process of creating an Amazon business and teams of VA’s for sourcing products. Check it out here.


Comatose Podcast

I had a blast creatively collaborating with John Bauer and the crew on multiple episodes of the Comatose Podcast.  It’s an NPR style show split into different creative segments, and every episode has some incredible nuggets and mind-fucks to ponder on.


When I interviewed Kim Nicol in the first week of  my show, we had a small chat about Godzilla and Creativity. Kim shared a little piece of it in her beautiful book Offering: The Gentle Power of Mindfulness to Awaken the Love, Calm, and Wonder in Everyday Life

Strongest Mind in The Room

Strongest Mind

I was honored to be included in the book The Strongest Mind in the Room describing some of my early experiences with meditation – by Erin Frey and Tony Stubblebine of the crew.

Social Poetry 2

Social Poetry 2

One of my quotes was featured in Joel Comm’s Social Poetry 2,  which is a sweet quote-over-picture book including other entrepreneurs such as Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and Chris Brogan.

The App Guy Podcast Mastermind

App Guy Masterminds

A few years ago I did a mastermind-ish chat with one of my first mentors Paul Kemp (The App Guy) called The App Guy Masterminds. It’s a free-rolling conversation from when I was first getting started, and it’s full of transparency and lots of rambling.

Location Indie

Location Indie Webinar

Earlier this year I did a full webinar on my process for sourcing amazon products through online arbitrage with Location Indie.  It’s a closed group, but if you ever join you can watch the video inside.


I’m always interested in extending my messages to all audiences. I am available for podcasts, website interviews, case studies, conferences, and other creative endeavours as long as the outcome is valuable to the community.

I am open to discussion about my story because there is direct value in the transformation, but I really really love covering topics that are valuable for the community.

Some of the areas I love dissecting are:

the power of journaling and reflection

the value of meditation / awareness / vision / goals

hacking happiness

morning routines

amazon FBA and e-commerce

the core success principles dissected from the 100+ mastermind interviews I did

slaying resistance gremlins

minimalism and destroying distractions

automation / strategy / delegation

how to be more productive

the boob of limitation (oh yea)

any other topics that are interesting to this world of space apes

I’ll also lay down a super-ill rhyme on your hip hop track.


If you need a bio for our collaboration, feel free to feed off the following:

Heath Armstrong is a creative maniac, travel junky, and the author of The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days. By adopting the habits and strategies of 100+ creative entrepreneurs that Heath interviewed around the world, he paid off $20k in debt, retired his traditional ‘career,’ sold all of his belongings, and scaled his e-commerce startup to over $1.2 million in revenue in under 3 years. He loves to fist pump, smash resistance gremlins, and teach automation, strategy, and mindful techniques. You can read more about him and his current projects at

If you want a first person bio, feel free to use this:

My life mission is to help motivate you to destroy the fear gremlins that hold your freedom and super-powers hostage. My passion is teaching skills and techniques to help you beast up your happiness muscles and build your empire of smiles. To defeat my own dark villains, I spent 200+ hours interviewing over 100 creative masterminds on the magic behind transforming visions to reality. In the process, I sold my house and everything I owned to eliminate distractions and debt, and I eventually retired my ‘career’ for full-time location independence and entrepreneurship. In 2015, I started an e-commerce company that has sold over $1.3 million in sweet ass products to date, and I only work around 2 hours/day on this business. My latest projects include The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days, and The Sweet Ass Domination Deck to Motivate Your Maniac Creative Mind.

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