Creating Happiness by Contemplating Death

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What is Death All About?

From the time you arrived through the portal into this world, Death has been your angel, your north star, your guru. 

Death is the only constant reminder of how beautiful, fragile, and magical life really is. If you contemplate death in each moment, then Death encourages you to live with pure intent and purpose. It reminds you of why you are alive and having this experience in the first place.

How long will you wait until you allow Death to become your guide, your elder, your wisdom, your teacher? 

Death reminds us to love, appreciate, and respect ourselves and our journeys, no matter what is going on externally. The single most important thing you can do in life is to experience and love yourself for exactly who you are, and then use your fulfilment and love to help others find themselves as well. We are here to collectively love and heal, but your part of the healing the collective starts with simply loving and healing your self.

How Does Life Change if You Contemplate Death?

In one breath, everything you know in this life can transform through death.

Is it worth waiting until a loved one passes, or a “near-death” experience occurs before you start living your moments in loving awareness?

How would the way you interact in a moment with your mother change if you knew it would be the last time you ever saw her? How much more open would your heart be? How much more love and compassion would you be sharing? How would the topics of your conversation change? 

How would the interaction with your partner change if you knew that when they left you’d never see them again? Would you still argue from a place of jealousy, resentment, insecurity, judgement, or expectation? Would you take for granted the cosmic alliance and sacred connection that takes place while making love? 

If you knew you were going to pass, how would it affect your needs and wants? How would it affect the way you spend your time? How would your priorities change?

Every interaction of each moment is a direct impact on the purpose and passion you bring to this world.

Death is What Makes Life Precious

Death is what makes life precious. If life was without death, nothing would have meaning. The scarcity of life is what gives it meaning.

Death is constantly showering you with meaning and purpose. Are you receiving the gifts or are you throwing them away? 

Are you taking your moments for granted or are you appreciating them? 

What if you allowed death to free you from all your pain and suffering, as opposed to blaming it for creating your pain and suffering? 

Loving Your Death Teaches You to Love Yourself

Each tear that kisses your cheek when things feel heavy is a bonus. Each wiggle of your booty when life feels exciting is astonishing. Each inhalation of your angelic breath is pure magic. Every interaction in every experience you have is divine. 

Whatever you are doing, do it so you feel it. Do it with intention and purpose. Do it with love for yourself. Do it with love for the world. Do it for the light.

Death is not morbid, it is serene. Death is not cold and dark, it is vibrant and bright. If you live in contemplation of death, everything will fall into place. You must be patient and trust the process.

When you love your death, you learn that being your authentic self is easy. There is no fear left to manipulate the way you think and interact in the external world.

Loving your death teaches you to love yourself.

Join me as I navigate the waters of creating happiness by contemplating death in episode 36 of The Never Stop Peaking podcast. Big love!

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14 Actionable Tips for Creating Your Sacred Space

The words I type come from my sacred space. Without this space, the majority of my writing, ideas, and creativity would remain unbirthed, or at most, suppressed. Ignorant of what a sacred space even was, let alone how to utilize it to maximize the mind and create happiness and freedom forever, I lacked energy, happiness, and success.


After my introduction to meditation and a morning routine (The Miracle Morning), my sacred space began to evolve. It’s no secret that having a special space to create can throw a switch in your creative brain. Any artist, writer, or creative of any type will tell you they receive special inspiration from one particular creative space.


Without a structured plan, I found myself returning to the same spot–a place to think and observe the areas of life I most wanted to develop. I closed the door to outside distractions for complete solitude and peace. By having a relaxed and peaceful physical space, we allow ourselves to open the door to a relaxed and peaceful mental space.


All the magic happens in your sacred space, where you enter a state of relaxation and peace. In this state, the clutter of stress and resistance is slaughtered and released, and the magic tree of ideas starts to take root. When these ideas enter your calm and peaceful mind, you are in a clear enough state to observe, analyze, and take action toward manifesting happiness and creativity in ways beyond your most rampant imaginations. A sacred space is essential if you wish to create the life you love. Without it, I would probably still be working in the construction industry, pounding whiskey every night, and you wouldn’t be reading this now. Without a sacred space, Steven King wouldn’t have written Carrie to get his start, nor the 90+ books after Carrie. It’s worth giving a shot. You’ll find a new love you never knew existed.

I’ve created an extensive checklist of ideas to implement when creating your sacred space. You can get it for free below:


Get the Sacred Space Checklist!

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Everyone has their own mojo, so make your sacred space unique to your needs. Visit it often, even when you feel like sleeping in, dicking off, or riding the procrastination train to the bar. The more you visit, the faster you will carve your happiness muscle.


Do you have a sacred space? If so, let me know what makes a sacred space for you in the comments!


Check out the Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days for more inspiration.


Create Your Sacred Space


The Secret Weapon to Strengthening Your Mind and Manifesting Visions

Download the Meditation and read about my experience below:

Download the meditation!

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Have you ever meditated or practiced mind strengthening? When I look back on my journey of creating the happy and free lifestyle I have today, there has been nothing more of an anchor than the habit of meditation. And, I can attribute my current freedom lifestyle to the vision I created from 1 meditation in particular.


Why meditation? Well, meditation is the baseline for quieting the mind and eliminating distraction. Once we can accomplish that, clarity and focus start to take over. Whenever the distraction gremlins are having a disco party in my brain, I turn everything off, step away from the rage, and simply meditate.


You know that feeling you have after a REALLY REALLY good nights sleep? The crazy energy and the feel-good lightness of the body? That is the feeling that a simple meditation unleashes too. But, instead of needing 8 hours of rest, it can be as simple as 5 minutes of deep breathing.


It’s a magical reset that is available anytime, to anyone.


With a meditation habit in place, it’s easier to build the walls of your happiness empire.


When I first started meditating, I had no idea what I was doing. I signed up to download a meditation starter kit created by Kim Nicol (called 5 Mindful Minutes) and did 1 meditation per day, for 5 days. They were all 5 minutes long, and came with directions to “write down how you feel” at the end of each meditation.


So, I did. These were my results:

  • Day 1: Intriguing & Confused (I was in awe at the effect of the meditation on my day)
  • Day 2: Blurry (when you open your eyes, the experience is often blurry and distorted at first. This has become one of my favorite parts of meditating.)
  • Day3: Distracted-Green Colors (meditations aren’t always perfect- in this case I couldn’t concentrate at all and was distracted by my thoughts)
  • Day4: Revived – Stuck in a Daze (I felt consumed and stuck to the chair, like I was one with the earth. The feeling was indescribable)
  • Day5: Calm – Eyes Better / New Feeling / Blue Colors (Have you ever been in the hospital and hooked up to morphine? That is how I felt!)


There was something mystical about it, and it allowed me to really sit and clean out my raging lunatic status stress hole of a mind.


Shortly after, Kim sent me a custom meditation that she created specifically for me to visualize my future. She prompts certain questions that navigate your mind into seeing what the future will become. Every morning, I would light incense, close my eyes, and allow this guided meditation to take me into a world of bliss. A world where all of my surroundings were at peace, and I was free from career, debt, and stress. It was perfect.


After doing this meditation every day, my mind started to actually become one with the vision. Situations and lifestyles that I meditated about actually started manifesting in my life. The life I have today is exactly what I used to visualize during meditation.


I set my mind to believe in this happy and free lifestyle by visiting it every day, and now that vision is 100% live and breathing.


In the Sweet Ass Journal, mindfulness is one of the daily practices that I teach to help you build your freedom empire. The journal is my exact structure for creating and maintaining a freedom lifestyle, but I wanted to share just the meditation slice with you today.


Whether you have or haven’t meditated before, I’m certain that it’s the best thing you can be doing to strengthen your mind.


I wanted to give you access to the exact meditation Kim created for me that helped me change my life.


Download the meditation!

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Take a listen and see if you can visualize where you want to be in the future. Allow her INCREDIBLE and soothing voice to guide you to your dream life.


Just do it once, and see how you feel. If you like it, do it again. The more you allow your mind to connect with your dreams, the faster they will become reality.


Manifesting Visions