The American Dream (Poem)

The American Dream
It’s as depressing as a dimple on your butt.
If you behave you’ll get a nickel you can spend on some stuff.
And in time you’ll get a dime if you impress your boss,
So you can buy another drink just to numb your thoughts.
If you behave a little longer you’ll get some more stuff,
And you can upgrade to brick from that old straw hut.
You can put it on a loan if you impress the the bank,
and then share it online to up your social rank.
And on Monday at work you can wish away the week.
Cause when the Friday rolls around you are misery free.
But when you wish away your week, you wish away your time,
You fucking wish away your family and your friends and your ONE life.


Congrats you’ve been elected to the Hall of Shit-Your-Pants-and-Die.
Be careful what you wish because you are bringing it to life.


Rage Create The American Dream


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