You Have a Power That Only Gods Have

The mirror can be a scary place. It’s a reflection of divinity–a masterpiece of the Gods–yet it’s easy to let the self-judgement gremlins paint a picture of horror in its place. After all, you have been poisoned by superficial illusions and advertisements since the moment your pretty little eyes first opened in this physical plane.


You must center your focus on your light, and not your darkness.


Your distant relatives didn’t dick around worrying about how good they looked after their Brazilian wax. They were out hunting animals, building fires, battling enemies, and creating empires. They smelled like shit and were completely unaware that their descendants would shave and bleach their buttholes to impress each other. Quit focusing on what stinks and do what needs to be done to survive and advance.


You have the sharpest weapon in the war against resistance: the ability to create.


It’s a power that only Gods have.


Use the mirror as a reminder to reflect your powers into the world.


The future depends on your light.


Rage Create


Rage Create You Have a Power That Only Gods Have

The Secret Weapon to Strengthening Your Mind and Manifesting Visions

Download the Meditation and read about my experience below:

Download the meditation!

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Have you ever meditated or practiced mind strengthening? When I look back on my journey of creating the happy and free lifestyle I have today, there has been nothing more of an anchor than the habit of meditation. And, I can attribute my current freedom lifestyle to the vision I created from 1 meditation in particular.


Why meditation? Well, meditation is the baseline for quieting the mind and eliminating distraction. Once we can accomplish that, clarity and focus start to take over. Whenever the distraction gremlins are having a disco party in my brain, I turn everything off, step away from the rage, and simply meditate.


You know that feeling you have after a REALLY REALLY good nights sleep? The crazy energy and the feel-good lightness of the body? That is the feeling that a simple meditation unleashes too. But, instead of needing 8 hours of rest, it can be as simple as 5 minutes of deep breathing.


It’s a magical reset that is available anytime, to anyone.


With a meditation habit in place, it’s easier to build the walls of your happiness empire.


When I first started meditating, I had no idea what I was doing. I signed up to download a meditation starter kit created by Kim Nicol (called 5 Mindful Minutes) and did 1 meditation per day, for 5 days. They were all 5 minutes long, and came with directions to “write down how you feel” at the end of each meditation.


So, I did. These were my results:

  • Day 1: Intriguing & Confused (I was in awe at the effect of the meditation on my day)
  • Day 2: Blurry (when you open your eyes, the experience is often blurry and distorted at first. This has become one of my favorite parts of meditating.)
  • Day3: Distracted-Green Colors (meditations aren’t always perfect- in this case I couldn’t concentrate at all and was distracted by my thoughts)
  • Day4: Revived – Stuck in a Daze (I felt consumed and stuck to the chair, like I was one with the earth. The feeling was indescribable)
  • Day5: Calm – Eyes Better / New Feeling / Blue Colors (Have you ever been in the hospital and hooked up to morphine? That is how I felt!)


There was something mystical about it, and it allowed me to really sit and clean out my raging lunatic status stress hole of a mind.


Shortly after, Kim sent me a custom meditation that she created specifically for me to visualize my future. She prompts certain questions that navigate your mind into seeing what the future will become. Every morning, I would light incense, close my eyes, and allow this guided meditation to take me into a world of bliss. A world where all of my surroundings were at peace, and I was free from career, debt, and stress. It was perfect.


After doing this meditation every day, my mind started to actually become one with the vision. Situations and lifestyles that I meditated about actually started manifesting in my life. The life I have today is exactly what I used to visualize during meditation.


I set my mind to believe in this happy and free lifestyle by visiting it every day, and now that vision is 100% live and breathing.


In the Sweet Ass Journal, mindfulness is one of the daily practices that I teach to help you build your freedom empire. The journal is my exact structure for creating and maintaining a freedom lifestyle, but I wanted to share just the meditation slice with you today.


Whether you have or haven’t meditated before, I’m certain that it’s the best thing you can be doing to strengthen your mind.


I wanted to give you access to the exact meditation Kim created for me that helped me change my life.


Download the meditation!

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Take a listen and see if you can visualize where you want to be in the future. Allow her INCREDIBLE and soothing voice to guide you to your dream life.


Just do it once, and see how you feel. If you like it, do it again. The more you allow your mind to connect with your dreams, the faster they will become reality.


Manifesting Visions

Why Trying New Things Will Help You Slaughter Resistance

I painted for the first time the other day. It was a beautiful mess of colors. Certainly nothing anyone with an appreciation for artist talent would admire, but the colors blended, and I created something that wasn’t in this world before. I channeled energy from the universe into shades and shapes matching the reflection of this luscious planet.


It was not the painting I viewed as the reward; it was the act of painting. I started something new, and that always takes guts. I triggered new thoughts, emotions, and experiences by dipping and smearing the brush. It’s the very root habit of creativity.


Are you afraid to do something new? I thought about painting for 10+ years, but I was always too in love with my ego to try it. I knew the result wouldn’t pass the eye test, and I thought it would make me feel like a failure. I lived most of my life hiding from anything I didn’t think I would be great at. This is a poisonous route to take. Are you drinking the poison, too?


When you try something new, it’s the baseline for opportunity. If you remove the ego, you also remove your judgments. Instead of scolding yourself and feeling not good enough, you can admire the act of creating in itself. Have no mind on what the output is. The act of creating in itself is the divine habit. It’s the portal to a happy and free soul. It’s the feeling of truly being alive.


You must understand that if you create, you will evolve as a creator. Your creations will evolve alongside you. At first, they may seem stupid, or ugly, or worthless, but every great creation is the result of a thousand trials that weren’t so beautiful. Nonetheless, each one of those trials was supplied with energy by the previous trial. The final creation cannot be what it is without the blunder of fuckery along the way.


This is how life is. You are a creation. Every thought of every experience of every moment of every day is a continuation of your ultimate creative manifestation. This moment, just as the last, is a pitstop for fuel on your mission to the space of ultimate high. To become one with your purpose, passion, and spirit, you must be willing to eat shit on the bottom line. Be proud of not knowing what the fuck you are doing. Be happy to make a mess, test the waters, bust open your wounds, and attack the next challenge. There isn’t one happy or free being that didn’t start by licking scum off the ground.


The lower you start, the higher you can go. The more you show up, the more fuel you will create. Colors will expand to new shades. Words will turn into libraries. Voices will echo through the infinite canyons of the heavens.


At the edge of your seat, you must create. You must rage through your doubts. You must explore. You must push forward. You must smear the blood on the canvas.


There are those who will never arrive due to fear and conformity. You are not one of those.


You are a habit of creation.


You are the fire of a torch that has been burning resistance before time even existed.


You are of the highest power.


If you enter the battle with honor, you’ve already won the war.


Rage Create


Rage Create Why Trying New Things Will Help You Slaughter Resistance

A Sweet Ass Way to Destroy Your Debt!

Grab the Spreadsheet below, and scroll down for my story + how to play the game!

Get the exact spreadsheet I used to conquer my debt!

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Just a few years ago I had over $20k personal debt. This was a combination of impulse credit card spending, excessive loans, and bad financial habits. I spent way more than I made, and I usually spent money before I even got paid.


When I hired a coach, we created a game to bring my awareness to what I was spending, and ultimately create a habit for aggressive saving. I’ll show you the game I used to pay that entire amount off in under 2 years in a few moments. It’s fun, liberating, and easy.


Debt is a super dark demon that will enslave you for the entirety of your life if you don’t defeat it. I watch family members, friends, and the majority of the American population get ass-pounded by interest rates, loan stacking, and the want-economy just like I did for most of my life. It’s no fun, even if you are into ass-pounding. It’s a very dark hole that stinks to be in. (Pun possibly intended)


No matter who is in the debt pit, there is only 1 way out.

You have to PULL OUT! To do this, you have to TAKE ACTION. (Pun also possibly intended)


Jokes and pokes aside, if you are reading this, chances are you have some sort of interest in paying off debt or creating savings. Both of these actions will directly result in more freedom for your lifestyle, no matter what situation you are in.


I think the biggest turn-off about financial terms like “paying off debt” and “saving money” is the idea that you can’t have fun or enjoy life anymore. People tend to picture themselves holed up in a dungeon without human contact, licking rice and beans off the floor. They favor spending because they think it’s the only thing that is exciting. It’s great to go slam some beers with friends, experience cultural foods, and rage out to some karaoke at 2am, but it’s also not the only way to have fun.


The common debt perception problem looks like this:
Destroying Debt + Saving Money < Temporary Experiences


People favor temporary experiences over their financial situation. I did it for most of my life! How about you?


It’s easy to go blow money because it feels good and the experiences are cool. But, we often forget that when we remove debt from the equation, we can afford way more experiences. We can actually turn life into one huge incredible experience- a permanent experience.


Let’s re-frame the perception:
Destroying Debt + Saving Money = Permanent Experiences + Freedom


The benefit of paying off debt and building a savings fund far outweighs the benefit of momentary indulgences and entertainments. When you bring your awareness to the ways you are spending money and strengthen your personal habits to defeat the debt gremlin army, you can then use the money to continuously invest in your freedom empire.


Once you are free from the evil debt gremlin force, you can then indulge in the experiences of your dreams, all while knowing you can afford it.


You know that feeling you get when you make the last payment on a loan, or you get a raise, or something good shifts in your favor in the world of finances? It’s a FUN feeling, and a really GOOD feeling. And, it comes not with spending, but with paying off debt.


Jacqueline and I wanted to create a FUN, easy system for setting a savings goal, tracking it, and then using that money to slaughter debt gremlins.


Using this system, I was able to save over $15k in less than a year, which eventually turned into me paying off over $20k debt in under 2 years.


Check out the video below for the exact system I used to get rid of my debt!


Get the exact spreadsheet I used to conquer my debt!

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To be brief, all you have to do is:

  1. Set your savings target/goal
  2. Add items you have saved on to your spreadsheet
  3. Log the $ amount for what you saved
  4. Transfer the amount you saved out of your checking account to a savings, or directly use it to pay down your loans.


Once you have your goal set, you can start logging areas where you are saving money. As you start stacking a savings, you will get an insanely good feeling and your momentum will keep you rolling. You’ll start to become aware of opportunities to save and/or make money that you never would have identified before. As you get better at this, your savings will only grow.


For me, I transferred all of my savings at the end of each week from my checking account to a savings account. I also used the money to immediately pay down loans and save on interest. Eventually, all of my loans were paid off, and my spending habits were optimized. I was debt free in less than 2 years.


I’m starting a new savings campaign for the next year, so I wanted to share this with you to get some accountability partnerships rolling.


At first, it may seem a little hard to get ideas of how to save, especially if your bills are really tight with the amount of money you are bringing in. To help, I’ve put together a quick list of possible areas to save in:


Ideas for saving money and cutting costs:

  • Commute, ride your bike, or walk (move the $ of gas you would have spent over to your savings)
  • Pay into your loans or credit cards first (move the $ you would paid in interested over to your savings)
  • Sell all items that aren’t of absolute value to you. Collecting is costing you money and freedom.
  • Do a subscription Audit (move the reoccurring $ from the subscriptions you cancel to your savings each month – cable tv, netflix, magazines, etc)
  • Smart grocery spending – Create a list before you go based on $ budget and stick to it (average food cost for family of 4 is $944/m) – Water, rice, beans, noodles, chicken, bananas, potatoes, apples, eggs, almonds, bananas, peanut/almond butter, squash, stir-fried veggies w/ basic amino acids, giant casseroles and food prep. Try to get bulk discount codes from manufacturers for items you consume the most. (Move the difference in spending over to your savings each month)
  • Consider finding a more economical cell phone plan
  • Treat boredom w/ body activities: Exercise, go to Parks, read, volunteer, get a part-time job to learn a new trade, etc. (Log the $ of what you would have spent if you were doing something else and move it to your savings)
  • If you HAVE to buy something, use gift card discounts sites and cash-back rebate sites. is a great gift card rebate site. is awesome for % rebates on your purchase. (Add up any savings from use and move the amount to your savings account)
  • Cut club memberships that you aren’t using.
  • Create a side hustle (Check out Chris Guillebeau’s Side Hustle School –
  • Create a garden or herb box (add what you would have spent on vegetables to your savings)
  • Use public libraries to work instead of coffee shops and take your own hot tea or coffee in a canteen. (Move the $ you would have spent on tea/coffee to your savings)
  • Create home remedies (like cleaning supplies with vinegar)
  • Save on domains and other items by searching google or discount sites


I hope these ideas help you get started, and I’d love to hear about your progress. If you are interested in creating habits to strengthen your focus and mindset so you can manifest total freedom (not just financial), then check out the Sweet Ass Journal to Develop Your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days.



Destroying Debt + Saving Money = Permanent Experiences + Freedom


How to Destroy Your Debt!


The American Dream (Poem)

The American Dream
It’s as depressing as a dimple on your butt.
If you behave you’ll get a nickel you can spend on some stuff.
And in time you’ll get a dime if you impress your boss,
So you can buy another drink just to numb your thoughts.
If you behave a little longer you’ll get some more stuff,
And you can upgrade to brick from that old straw hut.
You can put it on a loan if you impress the the bank,
and then share it online to up your social rank.
And on Monday at work you can wish away the week.
Cause when the Friday rolls around you are misery free.
But when you wish away your week, you wish away your time,
You fucking wish away your family and your friends and your ONE life.


Congrats you’ve been elected to the Hall of Shit-Your-Pants-and-Die.
Be careful what you wish because you are bringing it to life.


Rage Create The American Dream